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Liquid waste is produced in various industrial, commercial, and residential settings. It can range from wastewater to sewage, oil, liquid food waste, and hazardous waste types. The nature of waste liquid means it can sometimes be challenging to manage, as it requires a different waste management strategy to solid waste.

At Divert we provide free containers to store all kinds of liquid waste safely. We can help you put together an effective liquid waste management plan and arrange regular collections and disposal of your waste liquid. This helps your organisation protect both human health and the environment.

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What is liquid waste?  

Liquid waste is any liquids that aren’t useful produced by industrial activity including sewage and domestic wastewater – according to the European Environment Agency. Waste liquid can be hazardous or non-hazardous depending on its type. All types and amounts of liquid waste require responsible storage, removal, and disposal.

At Divert, we can assist with the removal and disposal of the following forms of liquid waste:

  • Waste oil (including cooking, automotive, and other oil types)
  • Flood water
  • Cesspits and effluent tanks
  • Sludge
  • Pulp
  • Sewage and drain clearance
  • Hazardous liquid waste
  • Chemical waste (like solvents and cleaning products)
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How liquid waste collection
and disposal works

Get a free no obligation quote for liquid waste collection tailored to your business requirements. We can advise on the best containers and collection frequency if you need a hand. Otherwise, let us know the types, sizes, and number of containers you need, how often you want them removed, and where from for a bespoke quote.

Book your liquid waste collection and we’ll deliver free containers to your premises for you to fill with the relevant liquid. Licensed waste carriers will come and remove these containers at the agreed time and date – replacing them if you want regular collections of waste liquid.

They’ll transport the containers to a nearby waste management facility where the contents will be checked and sent for disposal. The disposal method will depend on the type of waste liquid. Many kinds of non-hazardous liquids are dewatered and the solid waste left behind is composted.

Sedimentation is another common method of liquid waste disposal for non-hazardous waste, as well as solidification (where fly ash, sawdust, or lie ash are added). For hazardous liquid waste, it may be sent for incineration where it’s heated to high temperatures to destroy the hazardous nature of the waste.

Liquid waste containers 
and drums

It’s important that you use leakproof bins or containers to store liquid waste. This reduces the chances of spills, protecting the environment and human health from exposure to potentially dangerous liquids. Using secure liquid waste containers is also vital to separate waste types and reduce the risk of contamination.

At Divert, we can provide a range of liquid waste storage solutions to suit the type and amount of waste liquid your organisation produces. These are available for free with no delivery or rental charges – you only pay for collection. All our containers are available in various colours and sizes to suit the volume of waste you produce.

Explore the secure liquid waste storage options available:

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  • Waste oil drums

    Oil drums and barrels are available in many sizes from 20 to 205 litres. These are ideal for hazardous liquid waste types such as oil and fuel.

  • IBC containers

    Intermediate Bulk Containers are used for high volumes of non-hazardous or hazardous waste liquids, usually for upwards of 1,200 litres.

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Who produces liquid waste?

Most industries produce some type and amount of liquid waste. This can range from leftover cooking oil in a commercial kitchen to wastewater from industrial activities. Some of the biggest contributors to liquid waste in the UK that require regular collections and disposal of waste liquid types include:

  • Restaurants, cafes, and takeaways – food service venues produce large volumes of liquid waste daily. This is mostly excess cooking oil and fats. It’s estimated that the average restaurant produces around 18.9 litres of oil waste every day.
  • Food and drink production companies – businesses that produce food for consumption (such as supermarket suppliers) also produce large volumes of liquid waste. This includes waste cooking oils, fats, and wastewater.
  • Industrial businesses – factories, manufacturers, and construction firms create large volumes of hazardous liquid waste. This could include chemical waste and used solvents. They may also use cesspits and effluent tanks to store large volumes of wastewater used within the manufacturing process.
  • Pharmaceutical firms – the production of pharmaceuticals produces large volumes of chemical and hazardous liquid waste, often within laboratories.
  • Home maintenance companies – businesses offering home maintenance services, such as sewage removal and drain clearance, deal with large volumes of liquid waste. This is namely wastewater and sludge, which they must dispose of safely on behalf of the customer.
  • Garages – lots of motor, engine, transmission, and other types of automotive oil are used in garages that create high volumes of waste for disposal.
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How can we reduce 
liquid waste?

Business owners can take various steps to reduce the amount of liquid waste they produce in their daily operations. For example, you can try to reduce liquid waste by:

  • Storing all oil products separately and using them only when necessary. This is particularly important for those working within the food service industry, where cooking oils are used in excess.
  • Ensuring that fats, oils, solvents, and other forms of hazardous waste are not poured down the drain and stored safely onsite before disposal.
  • Using the appropriate bins and containers to store liquid waste before its removal.
  • Providing appropriate training to all employees regarding liquid waste management, such as how waste liquids should be handled onsite. This reduces the chance of cross-contamination or the improper disposal of liquid waste.
  • Conducting regular inventories of all liquids your business uses to avoid the likes of oil going out of date and being wasted.
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Why use Divert for 
liquid waste collection?

All business owners are bound by a duty of care when it comes to liquid waste disposal – especially hazardous waste types. You must ensure that your liquid waste is stored correctly, transported by licensed waste carriers, and disposed of responsibly. At Divert our waste liquid services provide the perfect solution.

We can deliver free containers to store all types and volumes of waste liquid securely on your site – you only cover collection costs. Removals are available on a schedule to suit your needs by licensed waste carriers. You also receive a free duty of care certificate confirming the safe and legal collection and disposal of your waste liquid.

Use Divert for your liquid waste collection and we can help:

  • Put together a liquid waste management plan specifically tailored to your business.
  • Provide you with free liquid waste storage containers.
  • Arrange liquid waste collection at a time and frequency that suits you.
  • Divert your waste liquid away from landfill and send it to appropriate recycling or treatment facilities.
  • Save you money with low-cost collections and fixed prices for easy budgeting for your liquid waste management.
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Get a free no obligation quote for liquid waste collection tailored to your needs – call 01904 295 985 or contact us online. Simply tell us the type, size, and number of liquid waste containers you need, how often you want them collected, and where from. One of our expert team can help if you have any questions.

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Liquid waste FAQs

  • Where can you collect liquid waste?

    Liquid waste collection and disposal is available for businesses in all industries in many areas of the UK with Divert. We mainly focus on Yorkshire but can collect liquid waste from other places. Contact us for a free quote and we can advise on whether liquid waste removal is possible in your area.

    The main locations where we provide liquid waste collection are:

  • How much liquid waste do we produce?

    The term ‘liquid waste’ covers many different types of waste, so it’s hard to determine exactly how much liquid waste we produce in the UK. However, some stats about liquid waste in the UK include:

    • The Department of Energy Transport and Regions states that the UK produces around 100,000 tonnes of waste oil
    • We produce over 11 billion litres of wastewater every single day. This equates to approximately 150 litres per person.
    • Eight million tonnes of sludge are produced annually.
  • Why is proper liquid waste management important?

    Safe storage and disposal of liquid waste is important due to the impact it could have on the environment if an accident occurs. If a leak occurs, liquid waste will spread out around the surrounding area. This means it could soak into the soil or find its way into streams, lakes, and other bodies of water.

    When soil absorbs hazardous liquid waste, the chemicals could impact the plant life in the area. This could destroy crops and present a threat to any humans or animals that consume them. Responsible liquid waste management ensures all waste liquids are stored, transported, and disposed of legally, safely, and in an environmentally friendly way.