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A dry mixed recycling (DMR) bin is a convenient way for Wakefield businesses to store many types of rubbish together before collection and disposal. It’s cost-effective for offices, shops, hotels, and other businesses that only produce small amounts of certain recyclable waste – rather than half filling bigger bins.

Dry mixed recycling is similar to what you’d throw away in your brown recycling bin at home in Wakefield. We provide free DMR bins anywhere in Wakefield and the surrounding region to make recycling your mixed waste quick, easy, and affordable. 

Dry Mixed Recycling in Wakefield

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Mixed waste in Wakefield

Mixed waste in Wakefield includes:

  • Paper – newspapers, magazines, and envelopes
  • Cardboard – cereal boxes, packaging materials, and greeting cards
  • Metal – clean and empty drinks cans and food trays
  • Plastic – drinks bottles, plastic food packaging, and margarine tubs

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How commercial dry mixed recycling works in Wakefield

Start with a free quote tailored to the size and number of DMR bins you need, where you want them collected from in Wakefield, and how often. We’ll book delivery and collection of DMR bins if you’re happy with the price and bring the bins to your premises on the agreed date.

Put clean and dry paper, cardboard, plastics, and metals in each bin and ensure you don’t exceed any weight limits. Then move each DMR bin to the collection point. A licensed waste carrier in one of our purple trucks will come and remove the bins and take them to a nearby waste transfer station in Wakefield.

The mixed waste will be assessed and separated into its materials. These are then recycled in their streams to form new materials and products. For example, plastics are usually melted down to create pellets and new plastic products, while cardboard is shredded, watered, filtered, rolled, and dried to make new sheets of cardboard.

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Who needs dry mixed recycling in Wakefield?

Businesses that produce small amounts of paper, cardboard, plastics, and metals benefit from dry mixed recycling bins and collections in Wakefield. It provides a cost-effective and efficient way to store and recycle such rubbish. You’ll save space, time, and money compared to having individual bins for each waste type.

Offices at Trinity Business Park and in the city centre use DMR bins to store drinks bottles, food wrappers, and cardboard packaging employees throw away. Shops in The Ridings and takeaways out in Ossett also benefit from DMR bins so customers can get rid of all sorts of packaging waste easily and in an environmentally friendly way.

Places that need dry mixed recycling collection in Wakefield include:

  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Pubs

Free commercial dry mixed recycling bins in Wakefield

Get free DMR bins for your business to store mixed recycling in Wakefield safely and securely, you only pay for collection. These range from 240 litre wheelie bins like you have at home, to four-wheel 1100 litre bins. All are wheelie bins, which makes moving close to the point of production and the collection point easy.

Arrange daily, weekly, or fortnightly removals of DMR bins in Wakefield. You can combine the number and sizes of mixed waste bins with a collection schedule that meets your needs for efficient and cost-effective recycling. The range of DMR bins available to use in Wakefield includes:

  • 240 litre wheelie bin

    The same size as household waste bins for storing 3 to 5 bags of waste.

  • 360 litre wheelie bin

    The largest two-wheel bin that can hold 5 to 7 bags of mixed recycling.

  • 660 litre wheelie bin

    For extra space, this four-wheel bin holds 10 to 12 bags of mixed waste.

  • 1100 litre wheelie bin

    This is the largest wheelie bin available that can hold up to 15 bags of waste.

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Local recycling centres in Wakefield

You can get rid of most dry mixed recycling at home in your domestic brown recycling bin provided by Wakefield Council. Residents can take any extra mixed waste in Wakefield to three main household waste recycling centres (HWRCs) for free. These are Wakefield, Glasshoughton, and South Kirkby HWRCs. 

Proof of address or a permit is required. Residents can visit in a car but if you use a commercial vehicle (like a van, pickup, or minibus) – or with a trailer larger than 6ft x 4ft – you need a commercial vehicle permit. Commercial dry mixed recycling is not accepted at any of these HWRCs in Wakefield.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday – 8am to 5pm (including bank holiday Mondays)

Saturday – 8am to 4pm

Sunday – 9am to 4pm

Contact details

Telephone – 0345 8506 506

Email – [email protected]

  • Wakefield HWRC

    Wakefield Household Waste Recycling Centre

    Denby Dale Road


    WF2 7AH

  • Glasshoughton HWRC

    Glasshoughton Household Waste Recycling Centre

    Flass Lane


    WF10 5JW

  • South Kirkby HWRC

    South Kirkby Household Waste Recycling Centre

    South Kirkby Business Park

    Brigantian Way

    South Kirkby

    WF9 3TH

Why use Divert for dry mixed recycling in Wakefield?

Easily dispose of mixed waste in Wakefield with free DMR bins. Save money with no delivery or rental fees for your bins, as you only cover collection costs. Plus, recycling mixed waste reduces the amount of landfill tax you pay for disposal and avoids the extra costs of individual bins for each waste type.

Less room is required to store separate bins for paper, card, plastic, and metal rubbish. And you can combine the best number and sizes of DMR bins with a collection schedule that suits your organisation for efficient and cost-effective collection of your mixed recycling in Wakefield.

We’re based in Yorkshire and cover all of Wakefield and the wider district. Our strong connections to local waste sites and knowledge of the area ensure we provide fast, flexible, and affordable solutions to get rid of your dry mixed recycling. 

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Arrange dry mixed recycling collection in Wakefield

Get a free quote for dry mixed recycling collection in Wakefield – call 0333 444 0118 or contact us online. Just let us know what size and number of DMR bins you need, where you want them delivered to and collected from, and how often for a tailored quote. One of our friendly and expert team can answer any of your questions.

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Wakefield dry mixed recycling FAQs

  • Where can you collect dry mixed recycling in Wakefield?

    Dry mixed recycling collection is available anywhere in Wakefield and the wider district. We can deliver and collect mixed waste bins from any business with a WF postcode. This includes restaurants in the city centre and Sandal, offices in Batley, and companies in Knottingley, Normanton, and Dewsbury. We cover:

    • Wakefield city centre, Outwood, Eastmoor, and Agbrigg (WF1)
    • Alverthorpe, Kirkhamgate, Newmillerdam, Sandal, Walton, and Wrenthorpe (WF2)
    • Carlton, East Ardsley, Lofthouse, Robin Hood, Stanley, Thorpe, and Tingley (WF3)
    • Crofton, Flockton, Horbury, Netherton, Ryhill, West Bretton, and Woolley (WF4)
    • Ossett, Gawthorpe, and Healey (WF5)
    • Normanton and Altofts (WF6)
    • Featherstone, Ackton, Ackworth Moor Top, and Purston Jaglin (WF7)
    • Pontefract, Kirk Smeaton, Little Smeaton, and Thorpe Audlin (WF8)
    • South Elmsall, South Kirkby, Upton, Fitzwilliam, Hemsworth, and Kinsley (WF9)
    • Castleford, Glasshoughton, Allerton Bywater, Ledston, and New Fryston (WF10)
    • Knottingley, Brotherton, Fairburn, and Byram (WF11)
    • Dewsbury, Thornhill, Briestfield, and Chickenley (WF12)
    • Ravensthorpe, Dewsbury Moor, and Staincliffe (WF13)
    • Mirfield, Battyeford, and Hopton (WF14)
    • Liversedge, Hartshead, Hightown, and Roberttown (WF15)
    • Heckmondwike (WF16)
    • Batley, Birstall, Hanging Heaton, Soothill, and Staincliffe (WF17)
  • How often are commercial mixed recycling bins collected in Wakefield?

    You can arrange commercial dry mixed recycling bin collections in Wakefield on a daily, weekly, or fortnightly basis with Divert. We’ll deliver the bins for you to fill and place in an agreed collection spot. Book collections on a schedule that suits you and the number and size of DMR bins you use for effective and affordable mixed recycling in Wakefield.

  • How much does mixed waste collection cost in Wakefield?

    The cost of mixed waste collection in Wakefield varies, as it depends on the number and size of bins you use, where they’re collected from, and how often. Bigger bins and daily cost more than fortnightly removals. Combine the best bins and collection schedule for your needs and budget.

    Get a free no obligation quote for mixed waste collection in Wakefield for a clear and fixed price for your needs.