plastic bottles washed up on a beach.

Why is Plastic Bad?

Plastic is one of the most-used materials for packaging but it’s terrible for the environment. Find out why plastic is bad and how you can recycle it.

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landfill site with seagulls flying over.

How Does Landfill Work?

50 million tonnes of waste go to landfill sites in the UK every year. Uncover how landfill works and the problems with burying waste in this blog post.

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fly-tipping rubbish next to a field.

What is Fly-tipping?

Fly-tipping is a criminal offence and harms the environment. Find out what fly-tipping is, why it’s bad, the potential fines, and how to report it properly.

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computer and laptop on a desk.

How to Recycle a Computer

It’s important to recycle computers and laptops when they reach the end of their life. Find out how to recycle a computer, PC, or laptop in this blog post.

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divert purple waste vans - one off collection

Skip Hire vs Man With a Van

Skip hire and using a man with a van both have benefits when clearing a house, garden, or business. Work out which is best for you with this comparison.

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