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Downing Street Parties: How many empties were there in the bins?

Posted by in News on 21st January 2022

Freedom of Information Request to find out the depth of Number Ten drinking culture As the nation waits with bated breath for the Sue Grey report that will either damn or exonerate Prime Minister Boris Johnson, a request has gone in to find out exactly how much booze was being drunk in Downing Street. A […]

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Black plastic disposal and recycling

Posted by in News on 18th January 2022

It’s common enough to overlook the subtle differences between our plastic but there are actually many different types that come into our lives every single day. For example, you might notice that a lot of frozen meals are packaged in plastic coloured black as opposed to the typical clear or white plastic. This small difference […]

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Plastic coffee pods and capsules disposal and recycling

Posted by in News on 14th January 2022

Coffee pods were originally created by Nespresso engineer Eric Favre, who aimed to create an alternative to the espresso machine that was easier to use with a comparable standard of coffee. Nestle registered the Nespresso trademark and patented the Nespresso machine in 1986. In 1988, a change of marketing tact saw Nestle selling the machines […]

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Bin men asked to look for used Covid tests

Posted by in News on 11th January 2022

The hidden market in USED lateral flow tests Both positive and negative tests changing hands for cash in new Covid scam Homeowners and businesses are being urged to watch out for people going through their bins for used lateral flow tests. A Clinical waste and national waste collection company says that Covid scammers are selling […]

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Christmas tree collection York

Posted by in News on 7th December 2021

Time for York to DIVERT your old Christmas tree’s to recycling and save a trip to the tip Fixed-price tree collection service will also help York charities A local rubbish collection and recycling company is offering a cheap and easy way to dispose of your old Christmas tree once the festive season is over, saving […]

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10 million hidden down the sofa? Brits are sitting on a gold mine

Posted by in News on 16th November 2021

Ever wondered where all your spare change goes? The mystery has been solved – and it turns out that it’s down the side of your beloved sofa. Research undertaken by rubbish disposal experts has revealed that there’s a suspected £10 million worth of change hidden down the sofas of unsuspecting Brits – enough to […]

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Fire alarm disposal and recycling

Posted by in News on 9th November 2021

Who invented the fire alarm? The first fire alarm was invented by accident, as physicist Walter Jaeger was seeking to discover ways of detecting poison gases on the battlefield and within civilian environments. Upon lighting a cigarette Jaeger discovered that not only did his invention detect poison gas, but detected smoke particles in the air […]

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Everything you need to know about cardboard

Posted by in News on 26th October 2021

While cardboard is predominantly used in packaging – from coffee cups to cereal boxes – it’s also used in various other industries. In fact, you could probably find some cardboard in every single home or business place in the country. As a result, it must be disposed of safely. What type of waste is Cardboard? […]

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Asbestos disposal

Posted by in News on 15th October 2021

What to do with asbestos: Disposal, methods and facts What is asbestos made of? Usually found in soil or on rocks, asbestos is a mineral that is naturally occurring and has small fibres. These fibres or strands stick to each other and weave together like pieces of cloth. 
What type of waste is asbestos? Asbestos […]

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