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Waste management York

We know businesses everywhere need efficient, quick rubbish collection – and Divert provides just that.

But the cherry on top? Divert’s goal is to keep as much waste out of landfill as possible.

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Companies in York will be delighted to hear that we provide regular waste collections, high quality bins for storing your rubbish, and a professional, CRB checked team for the highest quality service.

That means we take your rubbish and ensure we dispose of it through the correct recycling channels, every time. We’re not just throwing away your waste; we’re diverting it, away from harmful (and wasteful) landfill sites and back into the recycling system where it can be given a new lease of life.

This means your waste collections use less carbon, are better for the environment, and give your business eco-credentials a boost. It’s what we do at Divert: we make waste collection easier and greener for businesses like yours.

In York we also provide the following services, rubbish removal, skip bags and skip hire

Clinical waste York

From tattoo parlours to medical clinics, York businesses who produce clinical waste require efficient and compliant waste removal services.

That’s where Divert comes in. We’re qualified to handle the collection and disposal of clinical waste and can provide the correct bins or containers to store your waste in the meantime – so you’ve got everything you need from the day you start working with us.

We’ll provide you all necessary paperwork to evidence correct handling and disposal of your clinical waste, and we’ll ensure our collections are seamless and professional wherever you are in the York area.

For peace of mind and a hassle-free clinical waste collection service, Divert is the answer.

Glass collection York

There’s an old saying – ‘York has a pub for every day of the year’. We’re not sure if that’s true, but we do know that in this charmingly compact city are countless pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants (as well as plenty of other types of businesses) requiring glass collection, which is where we come in.

Divert collects your waste glass at a fixed price on a regular schedule, so there are never any surprises. And, to ensure nothing heads to landfill unnecessarily, we make sure it’s all recycled through the appropriate channels.

That’s responsible glass waste collection for you, and a sustainable approach for our environment – it’s a win win.

Waste disposal York

Dealing with your rubbish doesn’t need to be – well, rubbish. Divert makes waste disposal of all kinds a breeze for businesses in the York area with our transparent pricing and regular collections; and, if you’re not sure whether we handle a particular type of waste, worry not.

We handle a huge selection of waste product, from cardboard to clinical waste and more, so we’re able to work with a vast number and type of businesses in an efficient, fully-qualified service that suits your needs.

And, because we work with a variety of local waste and recycling centres in the York area, we always find the right place for your rubbish – so if you’re keen to be green in your waste disposal, Divert are the right choice for you.

WEEE waste York

Having an office clear out? Upgrading your tech and getting rid of your old laptops and computers? What about replacing your tills, EPOS systems, CCTV or other electronics?

If so, you’re generating WEEE, or waste electrical and electronic equipment. And this type of waste contains plenty of recyclable materials such as metals and plastics – meaning it shouldn’t be sent to landfill sites.

Luckily, Divert are experts at disposing of WEEE waste and reducing your potential carbon footprint in the process: just get in touch with us to discuss our regular collections and responsible approach to recycling.

Business waste York

What businesses want is to be able to operate efficiently, without unnecessary hassle. What Divert wants is to keep waste out of landfill and work with companies to achieve that. It’s the perfect match.

We work with the growing number of businesses in the York area to tackle all manner of business waste disposal – from general office rubbish to more specialised collections – and we’re proud to say we make every effort to divert waste to environmentally friendly channels of disposal or recycling.

With fixed pricing, including labour and transport, and regular collections, you’re always in control of sustainable, easy waste disposal.

Cardboard waste York

As a city, York recycles an impressive 46% of its waste – but businesses can improve their own percentage by using Divert’s cardboard recycling service, which whisks away packaging and waste cardboard and ensures it is recycled appropriately.

Not only could this save your business money in landfill taxes, it also decreases the impact your operations have on the environment – an important factor for many firms in an eco-conscious era.