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Efficient waste management in Otley helps businesses and households dispose of rubbish responsibly. It ensures you do your bit to keep the West Yorkshire market town as green as the Chevin that overlooks it. Get rid of your business waste in Otley with regular bin collections or arrange a one-off removal of big and bulky items from your home with Divert.

Otley Waste Management

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Otley waste collection

Book waste collection in Otley and easily arrange the removal of rubbish from your business or home. This includes regular waste collection for Otley organisations that need anything from general and food waste to cardboard and glass recycling removed daily, weekly, or fortnightly. One-off house clearances and removals of bulky waste in Otley are also possible.

Arrange the best waste collection service wherever your business or home is in Otley and the surrounding area. We provide waste collection in:

  • Clifton
  • Otley town centre
  • Newall
  • Pool in Wharfedale
  • Weston

Get a free quote for waste collection in Otley today – call 01904 295 985 or contact us online.

view from Otley Chevin over the town of Otley in West Yorkshire.
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Get free bins with no delivery or hire charges and enjoy 1 month’s free collections when you partner with Divert

Commercial waste 
in Otley

Responsible management and disposal of commercial waste in Otley is vital for every shop, restaurant, bakery, garage, and other business in the town. This includes the daily general waste offices produce, cardboard recycling from warehouses, and all the empty glass bottles from the town’s historic pubs found both north and south of the River Wharfe.

Whatever type and size of business you run in Otley you must arrange collection and removal of its rubbish by licensed waste carriers. All the van and truck drivers at Divert are licensed waste carriers who know the market town well. This ensures your business waste in Otley is removed and disposed of safely and legally.

We can collect commercial waste in Otley from any business or organisation. This includes the town’s varied sports clubs, marketplace cafes, garden centres, health facilities, and other little and large companies. Get rid of your business waste in Otley with confidence when you use our local collection services.

Otley businesses must arrange commercial waste collection

Otley waste 
collection services

Find a solution for any type and amount of rubbish you’ve got for disposal with our local Otley waste collection services. This includes providing you with free bins to separate and store your waste – you only pay for its collection. Choose between daily, weekly, and fortnightly collections to suit your needs.

Every bit of rubbish we remove is taken to a nearby waste management facility for responsible disposal, recycling, and recovery. Where possible we divert as much waste as possible away from landfill. Use our Otley waste collection services for:

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Household waste services 
in Otley

Arrange domestic rubbish removal in Otley with Divert. We can help clear bulky waste items such as white goods, furniture, and mattresses, as well as bags of junk and garden waste with our man and van services. It’s the ideal solution if your council bins are full or you can’t get to the Otley recycling centre.

We can also provide a full house clearance in Otley. This helps you get rid of any items that won’t be going with you to your new home or clear out a property after a loved one has passed on. Enjoy an efficient house clearance in Otley with everything removed in one go.

Every bit of domestic waste we collect in Otley is diverted away from landfill where possible. It’s recycled, reused, and responsibly disposed of to have a positive environmental impact. We can provide a tailored quote for household waste collections in Otley based on the type and number of items removed. Learn about each waste removal service:

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Bin collection 
in Otley

Save money on bin collection in Otley for your business with Divert as we provide free bins. There are no rental costs or delivery fees, you only pay the collection costs. Select from a wide range of bin types and sizes to store all your waste safely onsite before removal and disposal.

The bins include small, standard, and large-size wheelie bins with two and four wheels that are easy to move. Waste bags are also available alongside specialist containers such as oil drums and clinical waste bags. Use the best bins, bags, and containers to separate your recycling and other waste types.

Otley bin collection is available daily, weekly, and fortnightly to suit your needs. Arrange removals of your bins on a schedule that suits your needs. You might want a two-wheel food waste bin collected daily but a four-wheel cardboard recycling bin only emptied every two weeks, for example. Tailor bin collection in Otley to your business.

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Otley recycling

Recycling in Otley is important for businesses and households to help keep the West Yorkshire market town as green as Otley Chevin Forest Park. You can take a wide range of domestic rubbish to Otley (Ellar Ghyll) Household Waste Recycling Centre. This includes cardboard, glass, scrap metal, wood, and textiles.

For glass recycling in Otley there are also many bottle banks across the town. These can be found in various council car parks, supermarkets, sports clubs, and social clubs. Trade waste including glass recycling is not accepted at Otley HWRC or in any of these bottle banks.

Businesses must book commercial waste collection to arrange Otley waste recycling in the town. At Divert we can provide free bins to help separate your business waste and improve recycling rates. This includes two and four-wheel bins for some of the following rubbish to improve recycling in Otley:

Otley recycling centre

  • Otley (Ellar Ghyll) HWRC

    Bradford Road


    LS21 3DN

How does business waste collection 
in Otley work?

Getting rid of business waste in Otley is quick and easy with Divert. Discover an affordable and efficient solution for any type and amount of commercial waste your Otley company produces. We provide free bins, you fill them up, and we collect and dispose of the rubbish responsibly away from landfill.

This is how business waste collection in Otley works:

  • Request your free quote for commercial waste collection in Otley. Let us know where you’re based, the type, size, and number of bins you need, and how frequently you need them collected.
  • Review your bespoke no-obligation quote and if you want to proceed we’ll deliver your free bins to your premises in Otley.
  • Fill your bins with the right types of waste and within any weight limits or max fill lines to avoid any overweight charges.
  • Place the bins in the agreed collection point. Licensed waste carriers in one of our purple trucks will come and remove your bins and transport them to a nearby waste management facility.
  • You’ll receive a free duty of care certificate that confirms the safe and legal removal and disposal of your commercial waste in Otley.

Why use Divert for 
waste collection in Otley?

Save money and get rid of any waste responsibly in Otley with Divert. Arrange regular collections of food waste from your café near the market, glass recycling from pubs in the town centre, or general waste from a solicitor’s office. One-off removals of domestic waste also help keep your house in order below Otley Chevin.

Enjoy free bins with zero rental or delivery fees for some of the most cost-effective commercial waste management in Otley. We divert all rubbish away from landfill to help protect the local environment and reduce your overall waste management costs – as you’ll pay less landfill tax. See how much you’ll save with a tailored no-obligation quote.

Partner with Divert to work with a local Yorkshire business. Our drivers are licensed waste carriers working in the area who know the country roads around Otley well with great connections to nearby waste management sites. Speak to our friendly and expert customer care team who can help with any questions and support you throughout.

Use Divert for waste collection in Otley for:

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  • All waste types collected and recycled
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