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Reliable waste management in Castleford helps businesses and households get rid of all sorts of rubbish in responsible and stress-free ways. Regular commercial bin collections and one-off bulky waste and house clearances are possible across the West Yorkshire town with Divert. Enjoy fast, efficient, and affordable waste management in Castleford with our services.

Castleford Waste Management

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Waste collection in Castleford

Arrange waste collection in Castleford whether you want regular removals of commercial rubbish or need a one-off pickup from your home. Waste collections are possible from anywhere across the West Yorkshire rugby league town, from the centre out to Wheldale, Cutsyke, and nearby villages. Our purple vans and trucks cover all of the town.

Find a solution for waste removal in Castleford that meets your needs, whether you run a bar in the town centre or a sports club in the suburbs. Our Castleford waste collection services cover areas including:

  • Airedale
  • Allerton Bywater
  • Brotherton
  • Fairburn
  • Glasshoughton
  • Ledston
  • Methley
  • New Fryston

Get a free quote for waste collection in Castleford today – call 01904 295 985 or contact us online.

Millennium Bridge going over the River Aire in Castleford.
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Business waste 
in Castleford

All sorts of business waste are created in Castleford by the many industries and companies present across the town. Restaurants and bars in the town centre create lots of food and glass waste, sports clubs produce mixed waste, and shops at Junction 32 generate plenty of packaging and general waste in Castleford.

Every bit of business waste in Castleford must be removed and handled by licensed waste carriers. Use Divert to ensure your commercial waste in Castleford is managed safely and legally, as all our drivers are licensed waste carriers. Plus, we provide a free duty of care certificate confirming the responsible management and disposal of your business’ rubbish.

Discover the best solution for your company whatever type and amount of commercial waste you need removed. We can help new businesses in Castleford set up their waste management plans for cost-effective and efficient removals. Our services also work to save established businesses money and improve recycling rates through excellent commercial waste management in Castleford.

Get a free duty of care certificate with Castleford waste collection

Castleford commercial waste collection

Regular and reliable commercial waste collection in Castleford ensures your business stays on top of its waste management. At Divert we provide free bins to make things cost-effective and easy. You only pay for the bin collections, based on the number and type of bins you use, with no delivery or rental fees.

Separate your commercial waste into different bins to improve your recycling. You can schedule business waste collection in Castleford on a daily, weekly, or fortnightly basis to suit the types and amount of commercial rubbish you produce. Licensed waste carriers collect your waste and dispose of it responsibly. Learn about the types of commercial waste collection services in Castleford:

Free bins
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Free duty of care
Waste diverted away from landfill

Household waste services 
in Castleford

Get rid of domestic waste in Castleford with ease when you need a one-off removal of bulky items. Save time and effort carting an old bed, sofa, or fridge to the tip by arranging collections with Divert. Our team will do all the lifting and carrying to clear any big items from your home at a suitable time.

If you’ve got lots of household waste in Castleford that won’t fit in your bins – like many bags of garden waste or a few bits of old furniture – consider our man and van services. Our team can fill one of our purple vans with your rubbish and clear it in one go with no need for a skip.

For big projects, we can help with house clearances in Castleford. This makes waste removal efficient and effortless whether you’re moving out or emptying a domestic property after a bereavement. We treat every household clearance in Castleford with care and tailor it to your needs. Explore all our household waste services in Castleford:

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Castleford bin collection

Book bin collection in Castleford to ensure your commercial waste is removed regularly and reliably. Avoid rubbish building up and causing hygiene issues and budget effectively for your waste management. At Divert we provide free bins to make your waste management cost-effective with no hire or delivery charges, you simply pay for collection.

A wide range of bin types and sizes are available to separate your waste and improve your recycling rates. This includes small, standard, and large wheelie bins to store everything from general waste to glass recycling. Bags are available for garden waste and clinical waste, as well as drums for waste oil.

Schedule bin collection in Castleford around your operations with daily, weekly, and fortnightly removals available. Combine the best bin sizes with a collection frequency that meets your needs for cost-effective and efficient waste management. This helps avoid bins overflowing or being collected when they’re only half full. Arrange Castleford bin collection for your business.

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Castleford recycling

Recycling in Castleford is important for businesses and households to protect the local environment, improve the town’s recycling rates, and save money and energy. Wakefield Council provide homes in Castleford with a brown recycling bin. Use this to recycle glass bottles and jars, metal tins, cans, and aerosols from your home.

There are also a couple of bring sites at Asda Glasshoughton Superstore and Lock Lane Sports Centre. At these sites, you can recycle household glass and plastic bottles, cans, paper, Tetra cartons, clothing, batteries, and small WEEE items. Otherwise, you can visit the Glasshoughton Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) in Castleford to recycle domestic items.

Companies must arrange their own waste recycling in Castleford via commercial waste collections. Use different bins to separate materials such as glass, cardboard, metals, plastic, and paper from general waste. Arrange collections of your commercial recycling in Castleford to help the environment and save money, as you’ll pay less landfill tax.

At Divert we can provide a wide range of bins and collection services for commercial recycling in Castleford, such as:

Castleford recycling centre

  • Castleford recycling centre

    Glasshoughton Household Waste Recycling Centre

    Bruce Smeaton Way



    WF10 5JW

How does commercial waste collection 
in Castleford work?

Commercial waste collection in Castleford follows a few easy steps with Divert. We just require a few details about the waste types and bins you need and where your business is in the West Yorkshire town to get started. Then you can enjoy reliable and efficient waste management in Castleford.

This is the general way business waste collection in Castleford works:

  • Start by getting a free no-obligation quote for commercial waste collection anywhere in Castleford and the surrounding area. We’ll need to know the types and amounts of waste you produce, how often you want your bins collected, and where your business is.
  • Review your bespoke quote and if you’re happy with the price we’ll arrange a convenient time to deliver your free bins.
  • Fill each of the bins with the relevant waste type and within any max weight limits or fill lines.
  • Place the bins in the agreed collection point. One of our purple trucks driven by a licensed waste carrier will come and remove your bins at the agreed time and take them to a nearby waste management facility.
  • All the waste is disposed of responsibly and you receive a free duty of care certificate confirming the safe and legal removal and disposal of your commercial waste in Castleford.
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Why use Divert for 
waste removal in Castleford?

Enjoy dependable, efficient, and cost-effective waste management in Castleford with Divert. Save money on waste disposal in Castleford with free bins delivered to your business and all rubbish diverted away from landfill. Use bin sizes and schedule collections to suit the volume of waste you produce and your budget.

Flexible options are available with various commercial and household waste removal services in Castleford. Organise one-off collections of bulky items and complete house clearances in the town, or make the most of our man and van services. Discover waste management solutions to suit all needs across Castleford and the surrounding area.

Drivers of all our purple vans and trucks are licensed waste carriers who remove and manage your waste safely and legally. We’re also a local firm based in York with a friendly customer care team who knows Castleford well. This helps ensure reliable waste removal anywhere in the town.

Some of the main reasons to use Divert for waste disposal in Castleford include:

  • A free no obligation quote tailored to you
  • Free bins delivered in Castleford
  • Reliable and regular waste removal
  • Fixed prices including labour costs
  • Many waste types collected and recycled
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Arrange waste disposal in Castleford

Get a free no-obligation quote for waste disposal in Castleford today. All we need are a few details about the type and amount of waste you’ve got, when you want it collected, and where from in the area. Contact us for your free quote and speak to our friendly team if you’ve got any questions.
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