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Waste collection in Leeds

Divert’s ethos is that the less waste going to landfills, the better. That’s why we work with businesses in Leeds to offer ongoing waste collections that are more than just throwing away your waste. We divert rubbish away from environmentally unfriendly landfill sites and focus on sustainable practices such as recycling and re-use.

commercial waste bin

Only pay for waste collections We provide free bins

This means your rubbish collections are completely carbon neutral. But fear not, they’re still flexible and affordable, thanks to our fixed pricing – and, so you’re prepared, we’ll provide you with the correct, high-quality bins to store your waste in, too.

We’re a team of CRB checked and fully trained professionals (with our recognisable uniform, so you know it’s us!) who are waiting to help people like you in Leeds remove your rubbish – without the burden on the environment.

Clinical waste Leeds

Leeds businesses who deal with clinical waste – from medical clinics to aestheticians – will be delighted to hear that Divert are fully qualified to handle collection and disposal, without the fuss. We can provide all the relevant paperwork for your records, arrange collections to suit you across the Leeds area, and will handle your clinical waste with the utmost professionalism.

We’ll also provide the correct storage bins, so there’s nothing for you to worry about.

It’s the Divert way – making your waste collections as easy as can be, and giving you peace of mind.

Glass collection Leeds

If your business is generating plenty of waste glass and want to ensure it’s recycled, that’s where Divert’s glass collection service comes in. Not only do we have regular collections and a fixed price for removing your glass waste a breeze, we’ll also use our expertise and local knowledge to find the best place for it to be recycled responsibly.

Waste disposal Leeds

Divert’s waste disposal service tackles all kind of waste – from the specifics of clinical waste to general waste collection. We simply collect your waste at a time that suits you and take to the most suitable waste disposal centre, whether that’s a recycling plant, a local reuse scheme or somewhere else.

We work with all major and local waste centres in the Leeds area to find the right place for your rubbish – so you’re keen to avoid sending waste to landfill, our waste disposal service saves you searching for the right place to go.

WEEE waste Leeds

From old computers, laptops, and phones to specialist electronics such as CCTV or security systems, businesses go through a large amount of WEEE – or waste electrical and electronic equipment, to most of us – during their life cycle, much of it containing recyclable materials.

Luckily, Divert’s team of purple vans are happy to collect your electronic waste – big and small – from anywhere in Leeds and ensure they’re taken to the appropriate location to be recycled – no unnecessary waste heading to landfill, just convenient, responsible disposal.

Business waste Leeds

Did you know there is over 20 million square feet of office space in Leeds? As a key commercial centre in the UK, businesses – office based and others alike – are keen to set up home in this vibrant Northern gem, particularly around the thriving city centre. So if you’re looking to arrange collections of your business waste in Leeds, give Divert a call.

We’ll ensure everything that can be recycled is, and we’ll remove all your office waste at a fixed price (including labour and transport) with as little disruption to your business operations as possible.

Headache-free waste collection with the added bonus of knowing your business is operating sustainably: that’s the Divert way.

Cardboard waste Leeds

Leeds has a strong history of impressive recycling schemes, such as #LeedsByExample, but the recycling rate in the city is still only 39%. With Divert’s quick and easy cardboard collection service, your business could help improve that number – and save yourself the hassle in the process.

The local strategy for recycling and rubbish removal in Leeds focuses on everyone doing their part, which is why Divert is so proud to be working with businesses in the city who want to do exactly that. We collect your cardboard waste – including packaging from stock deliveries, furniture and more – with our regular scheduled collections and dispose of it in the most sustainable way possible, with nothing sent to landfill. You can’t get better than that.