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Effective waste management in Leeds is important for organisations and households across Yorkshire’s largest city and the surrounding area. Leeds prides itself on its environmental credentials with 4,000 hectares of public green space and the city council’s commitment to making Leeds carbon neutral by 2030. Efficient and eco-friendly disposal of all Leeds waste plays its part.

Waste Management

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At Divert, we provide waste collection for Leeds businesses on a regular basis, as well as one-off rubbish removals for households. And as our name suggests, we aim to divert all waste we collect away from landfill – whatever its type – to protect the local Leeds environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Explore the wide range of Leeds waste management solutions we offer to businesses and households across the West Yorkshire capital. Our affordable, convenient, and reliable waste collections get rid of your rubbish anywhere in Leeds and the surrounding towns and villages in a sustainable way.

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Any trade and commercial waste in Leeds must be collected and transported to local waste management facilities by licensed waste carriers. This is essential to ensure it’s removed and disposed of responsibly, safely, and legally – whatever industry your business operates in and whatever types and amounts of rubbish you produce.

Leeds has a rich commercial history, from its textile, manufacturing, and retail heritage to the city’s modern status as a hub for financial, tech, and creative services. It’s where powerhouses such as Marks and Spencer and Jet2 were born and today is home to headquarters for Asda, Yorkshire Bank, and Channel 4.

This means a wide range and huge volumes of commercial waste are produced across the city every day. From retail waste created by shops in Trinity Leeds and the Victoria Quarter to all the empty glass bottles that need recycling from the bars along Call Lane and Merrion Street, we provide tailored solutions for your commercial waste in Leeds.

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Our Leeds waste
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Ensure efficient waste management in Leeds with our collection, disposal, and recycling services. We provide free bins to store your rubbish safely before it’s removed and offer regular collections on a daily, weekly, or fortnightly basis. Our licensed waste carriers handle all sorts of Leeds waste produced by businesses across all industries.

With strong local connections to many Leeds waste sites, we can find an environmentally friendly solution to get rid of your rubbish. Our waste collection services in Leeds cover:

We collect from any 
business in Leeds

Whatever type and size of business you run in Leeds we can help dispose of your commercial waste safely and responsibly. Our commercial waste collection services in Leeds benefit companies across many industries, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Pubs
  • Shops
  • Garages
  • Warehouses

Bin collections in Leeds

Save money on your waste disposal in Leeds as we provide free bins, bags, and containers to store any waste type. There are no rental, delivery, or hidden fees, you only cover the costs of collection. Whatever type of rubbish you need collecting we can deliver appropriate bins to make separating your waste simple.

Two and four-wheel bins, waste bags, and containers such as oil drums are all available in various sizes. You can arrange bin collection in Leeds on a daily, weekly, or fortnightly schedule – as well as one-off removals – and combine with the number and sizes of bins you need for cost-effective waste management in Leeds.

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Where do you collect waste
in Leeds?

We can collect waste in Leeds from anywhere with an LS postcode, from the city centre out to Morley, Horsforth, Otley and further afield. The main suburbs, villages, towns, and other areas of Leeds where we can collect waste are:

Find your town:

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How does waste disposal
in Leeds work?

Whatever type and amount of waste you need to dispose of in Leeds we take care of it in a few simple steps. With all waste we collect and dispose of we aim to divert it away from landfill, sending it for recycling, reuse, and sustainable disposal. Even non-recyclable rubbish like food and general waste can be sent for incineration to create energy.
The general process for responsible waste disposal in Leeds follows:

Get a free quote for waste collection in Leeds. Let us know the type of bins you need, how many, and what sizes, along with your location and how often you want them removed.

  • We deliver the agreed bins for free to your business anywhere in Leeds.
  • Separate your waste and fill each bin with the relevant rubbish within any weight limits or max fill lines.
  • Ensure your bins are placed at the accessible pickup point ahead of the agreed collection time.
  • Our licensed waste carriers in one of our purple trucks will come and remove your bins. They’ll transport them to a nearby waste management facility for recycling or disposal.
  • The exact disposal method depends on the waste type and facility. You’ll receive a free duty of care certificate for added confidence that your rubbish is disposed of safely and legally.

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 Leeds recycling 

Leeds has a household waste recycling rate of around 35%, which has fallen in recent years after being close to 50% in 2016. The city has also seen an increase in fly-tipping by 776% since 2012. And businesses and households in Leeds produce more than 300,000 tonnes of waste every year, according to Leeds City Council.

These figures show the scale of work to improve recycling rates in Leeds and reduce both domestic and commercial waste across the city.

Our Leeds recycling services can help your business do its bit, as we provide free bins to easily separate your trade waste and recycling.

This includes recycling:

Recycling your commercial waste also saves your firm money when it comes to waste disposal in Leeds. It reduces the amount of landfill tax you have to pay when getting rid of your refuse by recycling such waste and diverting it away from landfill sites around Leeds. Look after your budget and the local Leeds environment at the same time.

Why use Divert for waste collection 
in Leeds?

Enjoy reliable and affordable commercial waste collection in Leeds with Divert. We offer flexible and convenient solutions for whatever type of rubbish you need removed and wherever you’re based in and around the West Yorkshire capital. Plus, we aim to divert all waste away from landfill to benefit the environment and your budget.

Free bins delivered and reduced landfill tax payments help you save on your Leeds waste management costs. As we’re based in Yorkshire we know Leeds, its waste sites, and the surrounding area well. This helps us offer a truly local approach in terms of our customer service and waste management solutions.

Use Divert for waste collection in Leeds and benefit from:

  • A free no obligation tailored quote for Leeds waste collection
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Leeds waste management

  • divert arrow How much does waste collection in Leeds cost?

    The price of waste collection in Leeds is based on a few important factors specific to your needs. These are the type and volume of waste (which affects the number and size of bins needed), how often you want it collected, and where you’re based. The easiest way to see how much waste collection costs in Leeds is to contact us for a free quote.

  • divert arrow What happens to waste in Leeds?

    Lots of Leeds waste collected from homes is managed by the council and taken to the Leeds recycling and energy recovery facility (RERF). Recyclable materials are recovered, and energy is generated from domestic general waste and recycling bins. Trade waste in Leeds may be sent to other waste management facilities across the city for recycling and disposal.

  • divert arrow Can I take commercial waste to the tip in Leeds?

    Two main waste transfer stations in Leeds accept business waste. These are:

    • Kirkstall – Evanston Avenue, Kirkstall, Leeds, LS4 2HR​
    • Seacroft – Limewood Road, Seacroft, Leeds, LS14 1LU

    Both are open from 8am to 4pm, seven days a week. You can take a wide range of trade waste to either site for recycling and disposal, including hazardous and non-hazardous waste types. Minimum charges apply and vary depending on the business waste type and volume.