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Bulky waste in Leeds can be a challenge to get rid of from your home. Big items are hard to move around, you can’t chuck them away in your household general waste bin and taking them to the tip is impossible without a car. At Divert we provide the ideal solution with our bulky waste collections in Leeds.

Anything too big to put in your household waste bins for Leeds City Council to collect can count as bulky waste. This includes items of furniture, white goods, large appliances, big electrical goods, and anything that needs two people to move. Some other types of bulky waste we can collect in Leeds include:


Carpet and underlay

Clothes rails



Big IT equipment





We can remove bulky waste from homes and businesses across Leeds and the surrounding area, diverting as much as possible away from landfill. Get a free quote for Leeds bulky waste collection – call 0333 444 0118 or contact us online.

Bulky Waste Collection in Leeds

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How bulky waste collection works in Leeds

Start with a free quote for bulky waste collection in Leeds. Simply tell us the type and number of big and bulky items you want collecting, where from in Leeds, and when. We’ll provide a quote tailored to your exact needs and including fixed prices, and then can book your collection.

One of our purple trucks or vans will come to your home or business on the day with a couple of our team. They’ll lift and carry all your bulky waste and load up the van, so you don’t need to worry about stretching and straining to move such large and awkward items.

Once everything’s loaded up, they’ll drive it to a nearby waste transfer station in Leeds. All the waste will be unloaded, checked, and sorted for reuse or recycling based on its condition and type. What happens next depends on the exact waste items. Furniture and appliances may be sent to charities for reuse and resale.

Anything that’s not in a usable condition will be recycled where possible alongside the same material waste. For example, old wooden tables might be moved to a wood recycling facility where they’re treated and broken down before the wood parts are recycled into fresh wood products.


Who needs bulky waste removal in Leeds? 

Any home or business with one or more large items to get rid of can benefit from bulky waste collection in Leeds. This could be households with furniture, old carpets, shelves, trampolines, and other big items they can’t dispose of in domestic bins. Moving them out of the house and taking them to a nearby tip can be tricky too.

Many businesses might have a dishwasher that’s beyond repair or damaged chairs and desks that no longer have a use. There are many reasons for bulky waste removal in Leeds, such as updating an interior or getting rid of damaged goods.


ome of the main places that need bulky waste collection include: 

Households – large items too big for Leeds City Council to collect

Offices – damaged desks, chairs, and broken appliances

Restaurants – kitchenware that’s beyond repair and broken chairs

Pubs – damaged benches from beer gardens, old carpet from a refurb

Hotels – old rugs, mattresses, and bathtubs

Local recycling centres in Leeds

Eight household waste recycling centres (HWRCs) are located across Leeds where you can take all sorts of domestic bulky waste. They accept carpets, electrical appliances, furniture, fridge freezers, mattresses, scrap metal, wood, and other types of bulky waste from private residents in Leeds.

Businesses can only dispose of commercial bulky waste at the HWRCs in Seacroft and Kirkstall. There is a minimum charge for all bulky waste items from a commercial setting, which depends on the waste type – except commercial scrap metal, which you can dispose of for free.

All eight HWRCs are run by Leeds City Council and have the same opening hours and contact details.

Opening hours

Between 31 October 2022 to 26 March 2023 – 8am to 4pm

Between 27 March 2023 to 29 October 2023 – 8am to 6pm

Contact details

Email – [email protected]

  • Kirkstall HWRC

    Evanston Avenue 



    LS4 2HR​


  • Meanwood HWRC

    Meanwood Road



    LS7 2LP


  • Middleton HWRC

     Holme Well Road



    LS10 4TQ


  • Otley (Ellar Ghyll) HWRC

    Bradford Road


    LS21 3DN


  • Pudsey HWRC

    Richardshaw Road

    Grangefield Industrial Estate


    LS28 6LG


  • Seacroft HWRC

    Limewood Road



    LS14 1LU


  • Wetherby (Thorp Arch) HWRC

     Thorp Arch Industrial Estate


     LS23 7BJ


  • Yeadon HWRC

    Milner’s Road



    LS19 7JE


 Donate bulky waste to Leeds charities

Various charities in Leeds accept all sorts of bulky waste in good, working condition. This is a sustainable option that reduces the amount of waste and energy needed for recycling and disposing of big items. Furniture, white goods, electrical appliances, and other large items can all be collected for free in some cases.

Charities where you can donate bulky items in Leeds include:

Leeds and Moortown Furniture Store – offer a collection service for furniture, mirrors, storage, and bedding but doesn’t accept electrical appliances or white goods.

Revive Leeds – no collection service but has two drop-off points in Kirkstall and Seacroft for furniture and electrical goods in working condition.

SLATE – accepts furniture and white goods, with free collection available. Bulky items are resold in their Hunslet and Armley shops to provide work and training opportunities for people with learning disabilities.

Emmaus Leeds – provides collection of furniture and white goods in a good condition for resale in their shops that support homeless people in the community.

St Gemma’s Hospice – free collection is available for furniture but they don’t accept large white goods.

Leeds City Council bulky waste collections

Leeds City Council offers unwanted items collection for private residents in the Leeds council tax area. This is a free service for items that can’t be donated or if you’re unable to take them to a nearby HWRC. Up to five items can be collected at once, with households limited to a maximum of four collections per year.

The unwanted items collection service covers bulky waste in Leeds such as furniture, electrical items (cookers, washing machines, tumble dryers, fridge freezers), doors, carpets and underlay. However, it doesn’t cover bulky waste such as garden sheds, kitchen units, bathroom suites, pianos, large glass items (mirrors and greenhouses), and hot tubs.


Why use Divert for bulky waste disposal in Leeds?

Easily get rid of any big and bulky items in an environmentally friendly way from your home or business in Leeds with Divert. We aim to divert as much waste away from landfill to keep Leeds as green as the pitch at Headingley Stadium. Rest assured that your bulky waste is reused, recycled, or responsibly disposed of.

We can provide a free no obligation quote tailored to your specific needs. Just let us know the types and amount of bulky waste you need removing in Leeds, where from, and when. Our fixed prices include labour costs for a simple price you can trust.

Wherever you’re based in Leeds we can come and remove your bulky items, from the city centre out to Cottingley and beyond. Our team are based in Yorkshire with good connections to waste sites and knowledge of the city to ensure we provide a fast, flexible, and efficient bulky waste collection in Leeds.



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Leeds bulky waste FAQs

  • Where can I book bulky waste collection in Leeds?

    Book bulky waste collection anywhere in Leeds. We can remove bulky waste from the city centre to suburbs such as Middleton and Cross Gates, all the way out to Harewood, Otley, and Ilkley. Our vans can cover all of Leeds and the surrounding region to collect bulky items, including from:

    Leeds city centre (LS1)

    Woodhouse and Little London (LS2)

    Burley and Kirkstall (LS3 and LS4)

    Headingley, Hyde Park, and Meanwood (LS6)

    Chapel Allerton, Chapeltown, and Sheepscar (LS7)

    Roundhay, Harehills, and Oakwood (LS8)

    Burmantofts, East End Park, and Halton Moor (LS9)

    Hunslet, Middleton, and Stourton (LS10)

    Beeston, Cottingley, and Holbeck (LS11)

    Armley, Wortley, and New Farnley (LS12)

    Bramley, Moorside, and Rodley (LS13)

    Seacroft, Thorner, and Killingbeck (LS14)

    Cross Gates, Colton, and Temple Newsham (LS15)

    Adel, Cookridge, Lawnswood, and Bramhope (LS16)

    Alwoodley, Moortown, Shadwell, and Harewood (LS17)

    Horsforth (LS18)

    Yeadon, Rawdon, and Carlton (LS19)

    Guiseley (LS20)

    Otley (LS21)

    Methley, Rothwell, and Woodlesford (LS26)

    Morley, Churwell, and Gildersome (LS27)

  • Does Leeds City Council collect large items?

    Leeds City Council offers an unwanted items collection service to private residents in the Leeds council tax area. This includes collection of some large items, such as furniture, doors, and carpet. Households are limited to five items per collection and up to four collections of unwanted items a year.

  • How much does bulky waste collection cost in Leeds?

    The cost of bulky waste collection in Leeds depends on the type and amount of items you need removing, where from in Leeds and when. We can provide a free no obligation quote based on your specific needs. Leeds City Council’s unwanted items collection service is free to private residents but limited to four collections per year.