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Every Bradford business creates some level of general waste, as not all rubbish is recyclable. It’s a legal requirement that licensed waste carriers remove any general waste from your premises to ensure responsible disposal. Commercial general waste covers everything you’d throw away in your household green bin provided by Bradford Council.

While Bradford Council provides green bins for domestic general waste removal, businesses must arrange commercial waste collection to get rid of any non-recyclable rubbish safely. At Divert we provide free bins for general waste in Bradford – you just pay for collection by our licensed waste carriers. And we divert all general waste away from landfill.


General Waste In Bradford

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Bradford general waste collections

Households in Bradford currently recycle around 39% of domestic waste, which means about 61% of household rubbish produced in Bradford is thrown away as general waste. Examples of general waste Bradford businesses produce that we can collect regularly and reliably include:

  • Snack wrappers and packets (that aren’t recyclable)
  • Food scraps
  • Used paper towels
  • Polystyrene trays and packets
  • Broken ceramic crockery
  • Metal pots and pans

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How commercial general waste collection works in Bradford

Request a free quote for general waste collection in Bradford based on the size and number of bins you need, how often you want them collected, and where you’re based. Then we can book your collections and will deliver your general waste bins for free. Fill each bin with non-recyclable rubbish and within any weight limits.

Wheel the full general waste bins to the agreed collection point ahead of the pick-up time. One of our purple trucks will visit and remove them, possibly replacing them with new bins. Our licensed waste carriers then drive your general waste to a nearby waste transfer station in Bradford.

The general waste is then checked, sorted, and sent to a facility away from landfill. This may be to an energy recovery plant, where the waste is incinerated and used to generate heat and energy. This avoids your general waste ending up in landfill and adding to local pollution levels.

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Who needs general waste collection in Bradford?

Every business in Bradford needs licensed waste carriers to collect and dispose of all general waste they produce. You’ll always create some amount of general waste, such as food scraps, wrappers, and used tissues, however hard you try to increase your commercial recycling rates. Responsible disposal is essential.

Hotels in Little Germany to shops in Wyke and Saltaire coffee houses all need general waste collection. At Divert, our licensed waste carriers can collect general waste from any size business, whatever your industry, and however much general waste you produce.

The main businesses we assist with general waste collection in Bradford include:

  • Restaurants
  • Pubs
  • Shops
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Offices

Free commercial general waste bins in Bradford

General waste bins in many sizes are available to store your rubbish safely and securely on-site before it’s collected. Wheelie bins with two or four wheels are easy to move around close to the point of production and the collection point. Larger general waste bins are also lockable for extra security.

We deliver bins for free wherever you are in Bradford – just pay for collection. You can use one or more of the same or different-sized general waste bins to suit the amount of rubbish you create. It makes separating waste from your recyclables simple. The range of general waste bins available includes:

  • 240 litre wheelie bins

    A two-wheel bin like your domestic bin for 3 to 5 bags of waste.

  • 360 litre wheelie bins

    This larger two-wheel bin holds 5 to 7 bags of cardboard waste. 

  • 660 litre wheelie bins

    For more cardboard recycling this 4-wheel bin holds 10 to 12 bags of waste.

  • 1100 litre wheelie bins

    The biggest wheelie bin that can store up to 15 bags of old cardboard.

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Local general waste 
management sites in Bradford

Bradford Council provides 240 litre green bins to households across the district for domestic general waste. For some properties that are hard to reach, you must use bin bags instead, as collections are made by transit vans. If you have excess domestic general waste, you can take it to one of eight household waste recycling centres (HWRCs) in Bradford.

Commercial general waste is only accepted at two waste transfer stations in Bradford – Bowling Back Lane and Keighley HWRC. Minimum charges of £143 per tonne apply to dispose of any commercial waste (including general waste). You must be or use a licensed waste carrier to transport waste to either site.

Both waste transfer stations in Bradford have the same contact details:

Telephone – 01274 432111

Address – Britannia House, Hall Ings, Bradford BD1 1HX

Twitter @bradfordmdc

Facebook Bradford Council

  • Bowling Back Lane HWRC

    Bowling Back Lane HWRC

    Bowling Back Lane,


    BD4 8SZ

    Opening hours

    Monday to Friday – 9am to 4.45pm

    Saturday – 9am to 3.45pm 

    Sunday – 10am to 3.45pm

    Bank holidays – closed

  • Keighley HWRC

    Keighley HWRC

    Royd Ings Avenue,


    BD21 4BZ

    Opening hours

    Monday to Friday – 9am to 4.45pm

    Saturday – 8am to 11.45am

    Sunday – 10am to 3.45pm

    Bank holidays – closed

Why use Divert for general waste collection in Bradford?

Dispose of your commercial general waste responsibly and divert it away from landfill to help keep Bradford as green as Horton Park. This helps you save money on landfill tax too. And we provide free bins with no rental or delivery charges to help you make further savings on your commercial waste management in Bradford.

Get a free no obligation quote tailored to the exact general waste bin collections you need in Bradford. We’re based in Yorkshire with strong connections to Bradford waste sites and our drivers know the roads well.

A truly local approach helps you get rid of your general waste in a fast, reliable, and responsible way anywhere in Bradford.

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Arrange commercial waste collection in Bradford

Get a free quote for general waste collection in Bradford today – call 0333 444 0118 or contact us online. Simply tell us the sizes and number of bins you need, how often you want them collected, and where you’re based in Bradford. If you’ve got a question or want some advice one of our friendly and expert team can help.

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Bradford general waste FAQs

  • Where can you collect general waste in Bradford?

    General waste collection is available anywhere in Bradford, from businesses in Barkerend and Belle Vue out to Baildon and Bingley. We can deliver free bins and collect waste from anywhere with a BD postcode. Arrange general waste collection in Bradford from:

    • Bradford City Centre, Little Germany, and City Park (BD1)
    • Eccleshill, Five Lane Ends, and Fagley (BD2)
    • Barkerend, Thornbury, Eastbrook, Pollard Park, and Undercliffe (BD3)
    • Bierley, Laisterdyke, Tong, and Holme Wood (BD4)
    • Bankfoot, Little Horton, Marshfields, and Ripleyville (BD5)
    • Buttershaw, Wibsey, Woodside, and Odsal (BD6)
    • Great Horton, Lidget Green, and Horton Grange (BD7)
    • Manningham, Girlington, Four Lane Ends, and Belle Vue (BD8)
    • Heaton, Daisy Hill, Chellow Heights, and Chellow Grange (BD9)
    • Apperley Bridge, Eccleshill, Idle, Ravenscliffe, and Thackley (BD10)
    • Birkenshaw and Drighlington (BD11)
    • Low Moor, Oakenshaw, Wyke, and Delph Hill (BD12)
    • Cullingworth, Clayton Heights, Denholme, Queensbury, and Thornton (BD13)
    • Clayton (BD14)
    • Allerton, Norr, Wilsden, and Sandy Lane (BD15)
    • Bingley, Cottingley, Eldwick, and Harden (BD16)
    • Baildon and Shipley (BD17)
    • Saltaire, Windhill, and Wrose (BD18)
    • Cleckheaton, Gomersal, and Scholes (BD19)
    • Cononley, Cross Hills, Silsden, Steeton, and Sutton-in-Craven (BD20)
    • Hainworth and Keighley (BD21)
    • Cowling, Haworth, Oakworth, and Oxenhope (BD22)
  • What can you put in a green bin in Bradford?

    Domestic green bins in Bradford are for general waste. These are provided by Bradford Council and should only be used for household waste that can’t be recycled. This includes food scraps, non-recyclable food wrappers and packaging, nappies, certain plastics, and bags of dog poo. 

    You must not use your household general waste bin for garden waste, gas bottles, batteries, electrical items, tyres, needles, and syringes.

  • How much does general waste collection cost in Bradford?

    Bradford general waste collection costs depend on the number and size of bins you need, how regularly they’re collected, and where from in the district. You can combine the best bin sizes and collection frequencies for cost-effective general waste management. To see how much Bradford general waste collection could cost you, call 0333 444 0118 or contact us online for a free quote.