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Clearing your garden can be a big job, even if you’ve only got a small patch of land outside. Simply mowing the lawn or cutting back a few branches may create plenty of green waste and not everyone has room for a compost pile. Our garden waste collection services provide a solution.

At Divert we can collect all sorts of garden waste, from grass and leaves to old garden sheds. All garden waste is diverted away from landfill and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Arrange garden waste removal for your home or business today.

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What is garden waste?

Garden waste covers most types of rubbish produced in your domestic or commercial garden. Green waste refers to most types of plants, from cut leaves and dead flowers to hedge trimmings, as well as windfall fruit and vegetables. However, garden waste can include other rubbish beyond just green waste, including items such as sheds.

Most garden waste can be recycled and should not be disposed of with general waste or end up in landfill. Common types of garden waste include:

  • Bark
  • Flowers
  • Soil
  • Grass
  • Leaves
  • Plants
  • Branches and twigs
  • Weeds
  • Hedge cuttings
  • Wood chippings

We can also collect more unconventional forms of garden waste, from old empty paint tins up to full-sized sheds.

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How garden waste 
collection works

Apply for a free quote for garden waste collection tailored to your needs. We just need to know the type and amount of garden waste you need collecting, where from, and when. One-off garden waste removal and regular collections are available for homes and businesses.

If you’re happy with the free no obligation quote we’ll book a time and date to come and remove your garden waste. A couple of licensed waste carriers will drive out in one of our purple vans to your home or business. They’re not gardeners, so please bag up your green waste before arrival.

They’ll lift, carry, and load all your garden waste into the van, so you don’t need to lift a finger. For businesses that want regular garden waste collections, we’ll deliver free bins in advance and replace these when removing your green waste.

Once everything’s loaded in the van they’ll transport it to a nearby waste management facility. Most green waste will be sorted and then taken to a composting facility, while any sheds will be separated, and the wood recycled where possible. All garden waste is diverted away from landfill, and you receive a free duty of care certificate.

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Garden waste bins and bags

We can provide a wide range of free garden waste bins and bags to businesses that need regular green waste collection. There are no delivery charges or rental fees, you simply pay for collection. Garden waste bins are available to businesses that book regular collections – on a daily, weekly, or fortnightly basis.

Some of the garden waste bins, bags, and containers available include:

View all bins
  • 240 litre wheelie bins

    The same size as your domestic wheelie bin and perfect for grass cuttings.

  • 660 litre wheelie bins

    Larger four-wheel bin for greater volumes of hedge trimmings, plants, and leaves.

  • 1100 litre wheelie bins

    The biggest wheelie bin suitable for large garden clearances.

  • Waste bags

    Ideal to bag up your green waste before collection, such as grass, leaves, and shrub trimmings.

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What happens to 
garden waste?

Once your green garden waste is collected by our licensed waste carriers, it’s transported to a composting site. Here it’s used sustainably, by being transformed into a soil conditioner packed with nutrients. If you’ve ever composted in your garden, it works in a similar way but on a much larger scale.

At a composting site, the process is sped up by being actively managed. This is because the green waste can reach temperatures of 60°C, meaning the enzymes and bacteria work at their optimal levels. These high temperatures also make sure any harmful diseases or microbes are destroyed.

These sites also ensure material is frequently turned, so micro-organisms can receive enough oxygen. Finally, the compost will be screened and graded before it’s sent out to farms, gardens, and other projects for various uses. This ensures all your green waste is reused and diverted away from landfill.

With any garden waste that can’t be composted, we make sure it’s reused or recycled where possible. For example, old sheds will be taken to waste management facilities where they’re dismantled, the materials separated, and sent for recycling (alongside other wood, glass, and metals).

How should you dispose of 
garden and green waste?

As garden waste is biodegradable, many of us tend to underestimate the importance of disposing of this waste. However, because we produce six million tonnes of green waste in the UK alone each year, it’s pivotal that we reduce this waste and dispose of it effectively.

The easiest way to tackle garden waste clearance is by making the most of your household garden waste bin. Ensure you know exactly which products can and cannot be disposed of in it. For example, you should not put food waste or black bin bags in your garden bin.

For more guidance, or to find out which councils charge for green waste collection, you should check out the website. This also allows you to brush up on the specific rules regarding green waste disposal in your area.

Not every council provides garden waste bin collection. If they do, they tend to be high in demand, meaning you may have to wait weeks for collection.

You’re left with a few alternatives – you can risk taking garden waste to the local tip to dispose of it (meaning that you’ll be finding bits of dirt in your car for months). Or, work with a trusted green waste disposal company such as Divert to do the dirty work for you.

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How to reduce and 
reuse garden waste

One of the most efficient ways to reuse green waste is to compost it within your garden. There are many benefits to composting as it reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill and provides top-quality compost for your soil to enrich your garden. Composting also saves you money – as you won’t need to arrange as frequent waste collections.

To start composting your green waste follow these simple steps:

  • Buy a compost bin or bag of a relevant size for your garden and place it in a sheltered spot (ideally on an earth base).
  • Lay a few twigs or straw at the bottom of the bin for a base that helps aerate the pile.
  • Add layers of compost, aiming for around 25 to 50% green waste (leaves, grass, plants) and 50 to 75% brown waste (twigs, broken-up branches, soil).
  • Avoid one material dominating the compost bin and chop up any big branches and long stems before adding to the pile.
  • Turn the compost every few weeks to prevent it from becoming too compact. This helps speed up the process.
  • After six months to two years, depending on the compost pile’s size and condition, your compost should be ready to use as mulch or soil improver.

There are also ways to reuse and reduce other types of garden waste. If you’re getting rid of an old shed that’s intact consider selling it or offering it for free online. Places like Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace are great for getting rid of sheds locally. Empty paint tins can also be refilled at some places and recycled.

Why use Divert for 
garden waste collection?

Arrange garden clearance for your home or business and get rid of everything from green waste to an old shed and outdoor furniture with ease. We can remove your garden waste at a convenient time and all labour is included for effortless and efficient garden waste removal in the UK.

All green waste is taken to composting sites, while sheds, furniture, and other garden waste are sent for recycling and reuse – diverting all waste away from landfill. For businesses, we can deliver free bins to store your green waste and arrange collections on a daily, weekly, or fortnightly basis. You only cover the collection costs.

Get started with a free no obligation quote for garden clearance for your home or business, whether you need a one-off collection or regular removals. We provide a free tailored quote based on your exact needs. All garden waste is collected by licensed waste carriers so you can rest assured it’s removed and disposed of safely and responsibly.

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Garden waste FAQs

  • Where can you collect garden waste?

    Our garden clearance services are available in the UK to many homes and businesses. We mainly cover the Yorkshire region, but green waste collections may be possible in your area. Speak to one of our team for a free quote and they’ll let you know if we can remove waste from your garden or not.

    Some of the main places where we collect garden waste are:

  • Why is sustainable garden waste removal important?

    Sustainable garden waste removal is important as any green waste that comes into contact with water may decompose. Decomposition results in greenhouse gases, which are dangerous to the atmosphere and your household. Any green waste disposed of in landfill will decompose, releasing high amounts of methane into the atmosphere when doing so, contributing heavily to global warming.

    Decomposing organic matter can also attract micro-organisms, which can lead to serious health conditions such as gastroenteritis, hepatitis, and even cholera. If garden waste is bagged up and collected by Divert then we can ensure these risks are eliminated. Your green waste will be sent for composting, which is far more sustainable.

  • Why shouldn’t you use a skip for garden waste removal?

    Skips are transported by large trucks and require one trip to deliver and another to remove them, which uses lots of fuel and releases more emissions. They’re also open, meaning the smell of rotting and decomposing green waste is released into the atmosphere. Unless the skip is covered the contents will also be affected by the weather.

    You need a licence to have a skip when placed on a public street or enough room on your property to place one. Even with a licence, it’s often difficult to find space close to your property.

  • What materials should be kept out of garden waste bags and bins?

    You should ensure you don’t put any of the following materials in your garden waste bins or bags:

    Divert offers services to collect the above waste, but it will need to be recycled separately from your garden waste.

  • What is green waste?

    Green waste is another term for garden waste in most cases. It covers all the biological or organic waste created in your garden that can be composted. Whether you have a natural green thumb and a sprawling garden, or an office filled with dying houseplants, you’ll likely produce some form of green waste.

    Examples of green waste include:

    • Grass cuttings
    • Leaves
    • Hedge trimmings
    • Plants
    • Windfall fruit
  • When can you burn garden waste?

    You can legally burn garden waste at any time of day in the UK. However, there are laws around burning domestic waste. Local councils are responsible for investigating complaints of smoke and fumes that could be a ‘statutory nuisance’. It’s advisable to compost or recycle garden waste where possible.

    If you do burn garden waste consider the wind speed and direction, the general temperature, and whether your neighbours have washing out or are using their garden. Be considerate of others when choosing a time to burn garden waste.

  • Where can I get rid of garden waste?

    Some councils and local authorities provide a garden waste bin and collections to households in their area. If your region doesn’t provide garden bins, you can get rid of domestic garden waste at your local household waste recycling centre (HWRC). When you’ve got lots of garden waste or need commercial garden waste collection then you can get rid of it using Divert.

  • When is garden waste collected?

    We can collect garden waste at a time and date that suits you. One-off garden waste collections are available, as well as regular daily, weekly, or fortnightly collections. Domestic garden bins provided by local authorities are normally collected between March and November. The day and time depend on your area.

  • How much does garden clearance cost?

    Garden clearance costs vary depending on the type and amount of waste you need removing, where from, and when. The easiest way to find out how much garden clearance will cost is to get in touch with our team for a free no obligation quote. This is based on your exact needs and includes fixed prices.

    Call 01904 295 985 or contact us online today for your free quote.

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