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The garden shed has countless uses. It’s a place to store tools, do DIY projects, or simply hide from your children, partner, or just the world for a few minutes of peace and quiet. Sadly, even the most modern, hard-wearing outhouses eventually need dismantling, but it’s not like you can put them in your bin.

Sometimes it’s challenging to even take them apart and dispose of them yourself. Thankfully, the experts at Divert know exactly how to dismantle and remove your shed, as well as all the ways you can get shot of these classic garden fixtures. Discover all you need to know about garden shed removal and disposal with this guide.

Garden Shed Removal

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When should I get rid of my shed?

Unlike many other unwanted items in the home and garden, there are plenty of reasons to explore shed disposal, even when they’re in good working order.

Lots of sheds are thrown away simply because people who move into a new home want more space in their garden. Even if they’re structurally sound, they can be ugly fixtures that even a lick of paint won’t fix. If you decide to overhaul your garden with decking or gravel, you might not need anything more than a cabinet to store your tools – and getting rid of your shed would unlock even more room.

Sometimes, it’s just a case of wanting a bigger shed. Having enough space for your garden tools is obviously good, but you might want more space for a desk, chair, or even a TV and fridge – why not? You might as well make the most of your private hideaway, especially when you could be pretending to fix something that’s not broken in the slightest, and just watch the snooker with a tinnie instead.

However, chances are you might have a problem with your existing shed. Thanks to the Great British weather and a hands-off approach, garden sheds can fall into disrepair. Maybe a roof can be recovered, or it can be repainted or restained, but once the structural core of it’s compromised, there’s no going back. Mould, rot, rust, and other problems can set in, and it’s game over.

In the worst-case scenario, older brick sheds can even have asbestos – everyone’s favourite fireproof substance until the 1970s, when we finally realised it caused serious lung conditions and cancer. If your shed contains asbestos, it’s best to steer entirely clear of it and call in the experts – the Health and Safety Executive estimates 5,000 people die each year from asbestos-related illness.

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Garden Shed Disposal

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How can I dismantle and remove my shed? 

How you dispose of your shed entirely depends on the type you’ve got. If it’s a massive brick outhouse-style unit, you’re best to speak with a building expert. This isn’t just because they’re dangerous to knock down, but the sheer weight of building materials – and any possible risk of asbestos – means you need professionals to take on the job.

Otherwise, you could end up with back problems for the rest of your life. However, if you think you can dismantle a shed yourself, there are a few options on shed removal, though costs vary!

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Will the council take my old shed? 

If you can dismantle a shed and remove all the waste from your garden, and you can fit it into a vehicle, there’s every chance you can get rid of it at your local household waste recycling centre (HWRC). For timber to be accepted from an old wooden shed you might have to remove all the metal fittings, such as nails and screws.

Check with your local council as to whether they accept unwanted sheds and the materials before you start to dismantle it. Even if they do, it’s a tough job that takes time, and may very well cause damage to your vehicle, or even injuries to you!

Can I sell my shed? 

Thanks to glorious capitalism, there’s a market for pretty much anything. However, it might be a tough job to sell your shed, unless it’s in decent working order. You also need to guarantee that it’ll stand as tall and firm in someone else’s garden after being taken apart and removed from yours.

Your best bet to sell an old shed is Gumtree, which offers up a lot of unfussy buyers and you can sell in your local area. Websites like eBay don’t exactly have a wealth of locals looking for sheds, and “collection only” is enough to put a lot of buyers off.

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Can I recycle my old shed? 

If you’re replacing an old shed, many companies will offer a recycling service. This is one of the easiest ways to do the best thing for the environment. You might be asked to strip it yourself, in the same way you would for a council recycling service.

This could save you a few quid, if you think you’re up to the task – but chances are you’ll get a good price for having experts do it in half the time. Alternatively, you can dismantle your shed and take the materials to your local HWRC to recycle any wood parts and panels.

Can I get rid of my shed in a skip? 

On the face of it, skips may seem like a cost-effective way of getting rid of your average-sized shed. The fact is that unwanted sheds can be incredibly difficult to break down and fit into the area and fill-level provided by your classic bucket bin.

On a wider level, skips are absolutely shocking for the environment. Not only will a skip delivery need a massive truck to drop it off and pick it up, but the skip contents could well end up in landfill, and even wood will be treated – making it a hazard to nature.

How much does a 
shed removal cost?

The cost of shed removal depends on a few factors. These include the size of your shed, what materials it’s made from, accessibility, and your location. Generally, the cost to remove an old shed that contains asbestos may be higher than a standard old wooden shed.

Shed removal costs include labour, so it’s normally cheaper to empty it before those coming to dismantle and remove it arrive. Generally, the quicker and easier the job is the less it should cost for shed removal wherever you are. The easiest way to find out how much shed removal costs is to get a free quote with Divert.

Will a disposal company take my shed? 

Your best bet for efficient and cheap shed removal may well be a disposal company like Divert. Not only will a man-and-van service turn up at your door and remove the shed for you, but they’ll also have the manpower to get it done quickly and safely.

What’s more, Divert is committed to being carbon neutral, meaning you can guarantee your shed will be disposed of carefully, recycling absolutely everything possible. Get a free quote for shed removal and disposal with Divert today – call 0333 444 0118 or contact us online.

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