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Gardens are great for wildlife, to support natural ecosystems, and fantastic places to host friends for a barbecue or drinks on the patio during warm weather. They do take some maintenance though – from pruning bushes and cutting off tree branches to weeding pathways and simply mowing the lawn.

At some point you’ll have to get rid of garden waste after tidying it up. It’s unavoidable whether you’ve got a massive, sprawling outdoor space, or a small patch of weed-filled grass with a couple of basic plant pots with zero life in them. Discover how to dispose of garden waste properly in this guide.

How to Dispose of Garden Waste

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Disposing of garden waste responsibly

Making the most of outdoor space involves a bit of work. Along the way, there’s every chance there’ll be lots of garden waste to remove. Ivy might be taking over, your fence may be falling down, flagstones could be cracked, and trees might be getting too big for their roots. Sometimes, a huge overhaul is needed.

Disposing of garden waste responsibly is essential to protect the environment and avoid any problems. This could be simply composting grass cuttings from your lawn, donating old patio tables and chairs to charity, or arranging for professionals to collect your green waste.

By following the right steps early on – and using the right people – you can get rid of your garden waste easily, safely, and relatively quickly. Plus, it won’t cost the earth to dispose of garden waste, even if you remove plenty of it. Get a free quote to get rid of garden waste with Divert – call 0333 444 0118 or contact us online.

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How can I get rid of my own garden waste? 

To get rid of your own garden waste you must first separate your green waste from other garden waste. Go by your local council’s garden bin rules – bag up any grass, leaves, small twigs, and weeds – presuming you can’t put them in your usual household garden waste bins. Tree branches and soil class as general waste, as natural as they are.

The best way to get rid of garden waste is to then arrange collection by licensed waste carriers. This way your bags full of green waste are removed easily and effortlessly by professionals. Green waste is relatively cheap to remove but general waste will cost more to get rid of – the same goes for garden furniture, bricks, broken fences, and flagstones.

Can I take garden waste to my local tip?

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Nearly every council tip will take garden waste. However, it’s a tricky thing to get across in a car or van without making a mess, especially with all those sharp branches or spiky weeds. If you’re going to do this, make sure you line your car with a dust sheet or even an old bedspread to make sure you don’t make a mess.

Also take time out to book yourself a slot – nowadays, council tips are busier than ever. Check that your local tip accepts the type of garden waste you need to dispose of before you visit. Most will have a big container for green waste as well as huge general waste bins and areas to get rid of wood waste, such as fencing.

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Will the council collect my garden waste? 

Many councils won’t pick up garden waste from your home unless they provide you with a domestic garden waste bin. The ones that do will likely charge to use the service. There’s also a huge demand for councils that collect garden waste in the UK. Use the GOV.UK search tool to check your local authority’s rubbish removal services.

The chances are it’ll tell you that your household garden waste bin service is the only option. If you don’t have a garden waste bin at home it means making a trip to the tip. You’ll also have to take bigger pieces of general waste to the tip or arrange collection of garden waste by a man and van service.

Can garden waste be put in your normal bin? 

It depends on the local council that provides and collects your bins, but normally you cannot put garden waste in your normal bin. It should not go in your recycling bin, as this is for clean and dry recyclable materials. Garden waste should also not be put in your general waste bin in most cases but check with your local council first.

This is because the rubbish in your normal bin normally goes to landfill or is incinerated to produce energy and electricity. Garden waste contains moisture, which reduces the efficiency of generating electricity in an incinerator. Plus, most garden waste is compostable, which is a much greener alternative to landfill.

Some local councils provide garden waste bins and a collection service, although there may be a fee involved. There’s also high demand, so you could be waiting a while. For a quick and convenient way to get rid of garden waste you can book garden waste removal with Divert.

Should I get a skip for garden waste? 

Garden waste is one of the few times when a skip might be a good bet. However, it still comes at a massive cost – you’re looking at £250 or so to get something that will fit everything inside. On top of that, you might be limited by the size of the skip you can hire.

If you don’t have off-road parking many councils don’t allow anything bigger than eight yards long, unless you’ve got a driveway or parking space. There’s also the environmental impact. You can’t guarantee that your garden waste will avoid landfill.

Just because lots of it is natural doesn’t mean it’s not harmful to the environment, thanks to chemical compounds in a lot of treated wood and stone. Plus, it takes two full round trips for a huge lorry to drop it off and pick it up. All in all, skips are a lot of effort and cost in the grand scheme of things.

What’s the best way to dispose of garden waste?

Man and van garden waste clearance services, like those from Divert, are probably the best way to dispose of garden waste. They guarantee a great mix of speed, easiness, and hands-on help to get rid of your garden rubbish.

One of the hardest things about shifting outdoor rubbish is the sheer size and weight of it. Simply having a couple of able-bodied helpers goes a long way in moving heavy loads of rubble, soil, and everything in between.

However, it pays to put in a bit of extra work before they arrive, as you’ll save a few quid. As services like ours charge based on time and weight, you can make the job even quicker by filling bags yourself, or even just having everything together in one place.

Don’t throw away all your garden waste

While you’ll probably want to get rid of every bit of waste your garden has to offer, don’t simply chuck it in a skip or the back of a van. One person’s waste is someone else’s treasure. Do your bit for the environment by donating some types of garden waste.

If you’re cutting a tree back or down completely, consider chopping the excess into logs and giving them away. Plenty of people have fires, or even outdoor fire pits – you could even burn it yourself at your next outdoor get-together.

On top of that, if you’re a keen gardener or just want to save a few quid on buying soil, you can put plant mulch into a compost bin. You can normally pick these up for £25 or less. And you can also put coffee grounds, tea bags, fruit peel and more in it, saving your bin from getting sweaty and smelly in the summer.

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Where can I get rid of garden waste?

You can get rid of garden waste from your home or business with Divert. We provide garden waste removal services across Yorkshire and the surrounding regions. Get rid of garden waste from any organisation or household in the following cities, towns, and nearby regions:

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