Waste company to rent out cold tubs to beat the heat wave

19th April 2023

By Mark Hall

Waste company to rent out cold tubs to beat the heat wave


Waste company to rent out wheelie bins as cold tubs

Heatwave! Waste company vows to keep you cool on a budget. Why suffer in the heat when you can rent a bin?

Record temperatures across the UK have lead to a rush on all the usual supplies like fans, ice cream,
beer, and paddling pools, meaning that they’re hard or almost impossible to get hold of.

But one waste company has plentiful supplies of one essential ready to go: Brand new and clean
wheeled bins for rental as cold tubs – just fill them with water and slide yourself in!

UK waste collection company Divert.co.uk says it’s the ideal solution to cool down, and the best part is that when
the sun goes in, you can simply send it back.

“We’re absolutely certain this will be a big hit with families up and down the UK,” says Divert.co.uk
spokesperson Mark Hall, “and with prices from £10 a week, we’ve got deals for every budget.”

A big bin is absolutely the perfect shape for a cold tub, and one thing’s for certain, he says: “You
won’t be shivering at our prices.”

Keeping yourself wheelie cool this summer

With summers getting hotter, cold tubs are the up-and-coming garden accessory for celebrity
influencers, but the prices can be shocking.

“Cost and installation can come to over £1,000, and that sort of money makes us shiver,” says Hall.
So this is a 100% genuine and unique offer available to households and businesses in the UK.

Instead of all that cost and bother of a purpose-built cold tub, you get a low-cost alternative for a
tiny fraction of the price, with free installation. You literally wheel it into your garden and fill her up!
And when you’re done with it, you just give us a call and we’ll take it away.

Delivery is fast, and there’s no need for a crane – something which always adds to the cost and
inconvenience of a hot/cold tub installation. All you need to supply is the water and optional ice.

What you’ll get is the bin of your choice, clean and sterile, with lockable wheels for your safety.

“And because these are industry standard wheeled bins, they won’t puncture or leak, meaning you
and the family get 24/7 entertainment,” says Mark Hall.

And best of all, our bins will come thoroughly cleaned and sterilised, “so there’s no chance you’ll be
bathing in bin juice and banana skins,” he says.

“So that’s what all the really cool people are going to be doing this summer,” he says.

One happy customer Trucker Mark Taylor from Addingham said ” After a day sitting in my cab, it gets a bit sweaty down there, so this cold tub works wonders, how often do I need to change the water?”

What about the health benefits?

You mean apart from staving off heatstroke as Britain sizzles in forty degrees of heat? (That being
104F in the old money)

An icy cold plunge can help with a number of ailments and complaints.

For example, icy water can help to reduce muscle pain and soreness after intense activity, and that’s
a technique used by athletes and celebrities alike. Exactly what you need after a sweaty day’s toil in
the heat.

But that’s not all, they can also help you to feel less fatigued, reduce inflammation, and help you to
de-stress. And what with absolutely everything that’s happened in the last couple of years, a good
de-stress is exactly what the doctor ordered.

And near-instant delivery means that that de-stress can be yours even sooner than expected.

Just be advised that sudden submersion in very cold water can be risky so common sense is advised.

If you’re still unsure it’s always best to check with a healthcare professional first.

“Because at the end of the day you’re taking a freezing dip in a wheelie bin.”

But as Hall says, “We’ve got absolutely loads of clean and sterile bins ready to go, so why not rent
them out to people crazy enough to submerge themselves in icy water for the fun of it?.

“Although instead of crazy, we’d say ‘sensible’ in the current heatwave,” says Mark adding: “I know
where I’d rather be right now, and it’s not in this office.

“I need to be in a nice cold ice cold bin.”


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