Yellow Highly Infectious
Clinical Waste Bag

Good waste management is essential for all businesses. However, it is particularly important in facilities where hazardous or highly infectious materials are used, such as within a clinical setting such as a hospital or health centre. In these cases, all waste must be strictly segregated in accordance with the threat it places on those who may come into contact with it. All waste that is classified as highly infectious should be stored in a Yellow Clinical Waste Bag.

Collection Frequency:
Daily, weekly, fortnightly or ad hoc collection
1 waste
Waste Type:
  • Clinical

Our Yellow Clinical Waste Bags can be used to store any waste that has come into contact with highly infectious substances. Common examples include:

Disposable Garments
Disposable Gloves

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Clinical waste bag

The bright yellow colouring of the Clinical Waste Bags helps make the proper segregation of waste a breeze – as it’s easy to differentiate between the different kinds of waste stored at your facility. Furthemore, by extension, whoever is disposing of yellow waste bags will know that they must be stored in bins with yellow lids.

As the materials contained within our Yellow Clinical Waste Bags are highly infectious, it’s important that the bags do not get damaged or pierced during storage or transit. After all, this could pose a significant threat to human health. Thankfully, we have significantly reduced the chances of this error occurring as our Yellow Clinical Waste Bags are made from highly durable, leak-proof materials.

As this waste is highly infectious, you should arrange for clinical waste to be collected regularly. At Divert, we can collect your clinical waste on a daily or weekly basis, which significantly reduces the amount of time you are expected to store infectious waste on-site.

At Divert, we can provide you with free access to a range of clinical waste bags, bins and containers. This is the easiest way to get on top of the waste you produce at your facility while ensuring it is properly segregated and disposed of. Once we’ve helped you set up the bins and containers, we’ll put together a waste collection schedule that works for you at a cost-effective price.

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  • All waste types
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  • 1100 Wheelie bin

    The most common bin, 4 wheels, can be lockable. Holds 15+ bags

  • 240 L wheelie bin

    This is the same size as the one outside your house. Holds 3 – 5 bags

  • 360 Litre Wheelie Bin

    A bit bigger than the one outside your house. Holds 5 – 7 Bags

  • 660 L wheelie bin

    A big bin, 4 wheels suitable to hold 10 – 12 bags. Can come with a lock

  • Anatomical Waste

    Clinical waste bags suitable for organs, body parts, blood bags, animal organs, body parts, placentas, tissue samples.

  • Clinical Infectious Waste

    Clinical waste bags which are suitable for bandages, wipes, dressings, gloves, PPE and aprons

  • Clinical Non-infectious

    Clinical waste bags suitable for Incontinence pads, sanitary waste, nappies and wipes, disposable garments, PPE (Garments and gloves), emptied colostomy bags, swabs

  • Cytotoxic and Cytostatic

    Clinical waste bags suitable for blister packs, gloves, wipes, medicinal Vials

  • Dental Amalgam

    Dental waste container suitable for unwanted amalgam, teeth with fillings and capsules containing residues

  • IBC 1000L

    The big white container holds all types of liquids. 1000 L capacity

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