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Office Rubbish Removal

Desks, printers, chairs, old computers even Felicita’s favourite mug.

Frequently Asked Questions

Divert offers specialist, on-demand environmental office clearance. If you’re moving buildings, clearing out an old office, or simply need to dispose of old office equipment like desks, chairs, or computers, Divert will help you to meet your core business objectives, as well as your sustainability targets.

Why use Divert for your office waste removal?

Divert offers eco-friendly office furniture removals designed around our waste hierarchy, which follows government guidelines and EU directives on reuse, repurposing, and recycling of waste. This allows us to provide the optimal financial, social, and environmental outcomes from your office and IT infrastructure clear outs. 

As part of our office waste clearance service, we strive to:

  • Reuse unwanted items by donating them to charities, social enterprises, and community projects;
  • Recycle waste that cannot be repurposed by separating it by material (e.g. plastics, metals, papers, glass, and chemicals) to help your business reach its recycling targets or objectives;
  • Turn waste items into renewable energy where possible, reducing the amount of office waste that ends up in landfill; and
  • Maintain our proud status as a carbon-neutral company.

In addition to this, we pride ourselves on offering:

  • On-demand waste collection;
  • CRB-checked, uniformed and fully-trained staff;
  • Labour costs included in your quote;
  • Rapid service; and
  • Flexibility – you can upgrade your order on the day, and we’ll happily take away more waste when it’s possible.

Why is sustainable office rubbish removal important?

All businesses have a responsibility to ensure that waste generated in any office is disposed of in an environmentally conscious manner. Sustainable office clearance involves the collection, transportation, repurposing, and reprocessing of office equipment. These services help your business increase its social responsibility credentials, saving money and preventing the environment from unnecessary harm.

Why is using Divert for office rubbish removal better than using a skip?

Skips present a serious problem when it comes to the ethical disposal of waste. When you dispose of office equipment in a skip, much of it ends up in landfill, even when it could have been reused, repurposed or recycled. It’s also worth noting that a skip is static – why bother removing waste yourself, especially when you’re hoping to run your business, when you can allow our man-and-van team to come and remove old or unwanted furniture and office equipment for you?

If you want a quick, easy, convenient, and ethical way of recycling office equipment, Divert makes perfect sense.

What are the most common types of office rubbish?

While no two businesses are alike, most office clearances involve the disposal of the following types of equipment:


  • Desks
  • Chairs
  • Old computers
  • Printers
  • Paper and card

When disposing of electronic equipment such as computers, printers, servers, peripherals, and other items that use power or contain electrical components, it’s important for your business to adhere to the WEEE Directive.

What is the WEEE Directive?

As a business, you have a responsibility to safely dispose of “waste electrical and electronic equipment”, AKA “WEEE”. The WEEE Directive stipulates that these items should not be disposed of in regular landfills, but recycled. This came into UK law in 2014. To comply with legislation, you should use a WEEE-compliant firm, such as Divert, to ensure all waste electronics are correctly processed.

Office waste: what materials are collected?

Common waste materials from a standard office clearance include metals, wood, vinyl, plastic, paper and rubber. On top of this, computer equipment may contain toxic heavy metals and other hazardous chemicals, which could cause serious ecological problems if they’re accidentally sent to a landfill site – such as getting into the water supply.

What happens to office waste once it has been collected?

At Divert, we operate on the principles of three Rs: reuse, repurpose and recycle. Any office furniture we collect that can be reused will find a new home through our network of furniture recycling projects. Your old desk could find a new home in a community centre, be sold to raise funds for charity, or even upscaled and given a new lease of life.


Office waste that can’t be repurposed or reused will be sent to a specialist recycling centre, where metal, glass, plastic and other materials will be broken down to find a new lease of life as a recycled product. For example, aluminium can be used in food packaging; glass can be used to make insulation (which helps with energy efficiency); plastics can be used to make pellets that can be used for a variety of purposes, and organic matter can be used to create biomass fuel.

Are there any alternative ways to repurpose office furniture?

There are a few ways to give new furniture a lease of life without needing Divert’s help – it pays to think about what you could do for nearby people! You could:

  • Donate old furniture to charity.
  • Fix or repair it for alternative use in the office or your home.
  • Ask on social media if anybody in your area could make use of your unwanted furniture. You might even be able to sell it!

Office Rubbish Removal

If you’re moving offices and require an ethical, environmentally-friendly, compliant, and reliable office rubbish clearance service, why not book online with Divert today? We’re the number one choice for office equipment recycling.

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