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Man & Van Removal

Professional, on-demand rubbish removal and waste disposal.

Man and van Rubbish Removal

Whether you’re preparing to move house or giving your office a makeover, you may have a lot of waste on your hands that needs to be taken care of quickly. However, you may not have space – or time – to set up a skip outside your property, or shift it yourself. That’s why our man and van services are perfect for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you work alongside Divert, we’ll send a member of our team to collect your waste from your property at a time that works for you. This means you’re spared any of the heavy lifting, and can rest easy in the knowledge your waste will be safely and securely disposed of.

Why use a man and van service instead of a skip?

There are many reasons you should hire a man and van service instead of using traditional skips for your waste collection. For example, if you’re short on spare time, we can offer quick and speedy waste collection services. This means you can forgo the usual wait times associated with skip delivery and collection. We work with efficiency in mind and will be in and out quickly, meaning we won’t interrupt your daily schedule or the running of your business.

Our man and van collection services are ideal if you have limited space, and you won’t have to store any waste on your property for an extended period of time. Finally, unlike with skip hire, you don’t need to get a permit when using man and van services.

Why use for man and van rubbish collection?

There are plenty of reasons to consider using Divert for your man and van rubbish collection. This includes:

Fixed pricing

Our competitive, fixed prices mean we’re quickly establishing ourselves as key players in the industry. When working with Divert, you can rest easy knowing you won’t be met with any unexpected fees when your waste is collected.

Easy-to-book services

Our on-demand services make online booking easy. Just give us information on what kind of waste you have, alongside your ideal collection date, and we’ll take care of the rest. This means you can arrange for man and van rubbish collection services in a matter of minutes.

An eco-friendly approach to waste disposal

Right now, we all have a personal responsibility to take care of the environment as and when we can. One way you can do this is to get Divert to safely and securely dispose of your waste, only using landfills as a last resort. At Divert, we’re proud to say that 95% of our waste does not get sent to landfills. Instead, we ensure your waste is disposed of in an eco-friendly, sustainable way.

A company you can trust

When working with Divert, you get a partnership you can trust. We’ll take care of all the hard work for you, and we’re always on hand to answer any questions you might have. This way, when our signature purple vans arrive at your door, you know you’re getting a team that’s fully committed and passionate about their work.

How much does Divert’s rubbish removal cost?

Our fixed prices are based on the amount of waste you produce. The following options are available:

  • Small load (from £59.99);
  • Medium load (from £149.99);
  • Large load (from £219.99); and
  • Extra-large load (from £299.99).

We can also factor the cost of any additional items – such as large electronic goods – into the price. No matter which service you choose, one hour of labour is included, meaning you won’t need to tackle any of the heavy lifting yourself!

What items will Divert’s rubbish removal service take?

The short answer to this question: everything! At Divert, we can handle a wide range of home and office waste, including:

  • Old furniture
  • Ceramics
  • Electrical goods
  • Building supplies
  • Cardboard and paper
  • Packaging materials
  • Garden waste
  • General waste

That’s not to mention that collection you’ve been hiding in your shed. You know what we’re talking about.

Will Divert keep rubbish away from landfill sites?

Divert by name, divert by nature. We’re passionate about diverting your waste away from traditional disposal streams, such as landfill and incineration, and we strive to do our part for the environment by recycling wherever possible.

Who can Divert collect rubbish from?

Divert collects waste from a variety of properties and people across the UK. This includes:

  • Households
  • Shopfitters
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Landlords
  • Estate agents
  • Offices
  • Dodgy politicians

Does Divert take heavy and bulky items?

We can dispose of heavy and bulky items – such as fridges and freezers – easily. Our drivers eat their Weetabix and do their stretches every morning, meaning they have plenty of energy and longevity to take them through the day. However, we do ask that you let us know if you have any waste that requires more than two people to lift ahead of time, so we come prepared.

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