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House Rubbish Removal

When it comes to household rubbish removal, let Divert do the heavy lifting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Divert, we’re passionate and dedicated to helping the environment, and the responsible management of your house and garage waste removal is at the heart of this. We all love to have a clear-out every now and then – and more often than not, we realise we’re hoarding tons of stuff we just don’t need, or know what to do with. Whatever random bits of tat you’ve collected, we know exactly what to do with everything you give us, meaning we divert this waste away from landfill as much as possible. We offer a quick, flexible, and on-demand rubbish collection.

Why is sustainable home waste clearance important?

The sustainable clearance of waste plays an integral role in the environment, but it also has a massive impact on people’s health and the conservation of valuable resources.

Waste can cause dangerous levels of air pollution, which can also mix with chemicals in the air and cause breathing issues. Rotting garbage also leads to nausea and other health conditions. However, the modern solution is to use bacteria to encourage quicker decomposition to take place. With our services, you can rest assured that your waste is dealt with in a way that is sustainable and safe, using the best and most responsible technology available.

Why shouldn’t skips be used for household waste clearance?

While using a skip ensures you’re making an effort to recycle, some collection firms may elect to move everything in one to landfill, especially if there’s cross-contamination between reusable and non-recyclable waste.

Skips are almost a lot less environmentally friendly: each one always involves two round trips, firstly to deliver the skip to a property, and another to collect it once it’s full. This means more fuel, and skips are delivered by large vehicles, which are unlikely to have a carbon-neutral delivery and collection process. 

Finally, it may be difficult to find a convenient area to leave a skip, which may end up being a significant distance away from your home, or require road-side drop-off, which costs more to get a licence for. With Divert, we will essentially collect right from your doorstep.

What materials can be collected during a Divert house or garage clearance?

We’re sure you’ll find a variety of different materials in your garage, ranging from clothing and ceramics through to old electronic devices and unwanted toys. Luckily, Divert collects all kinds of rubbish, including all forms of junk and furniture. Bulky items such as old sofas and bedframes can be much more difficult to dispose of, as they take up a lot of space. However, our bulky waste removal service will take the job right out of your hands. Whether it’s a full house or garage clearance, we can help.

Single house and garage clearance items can include old sofas, wardrobes, mattresses, bathroom items, carpet and general bags of rubbish; garages might have sheds, Old TVs, garden furniture, and anything else that is not classed as hazardous waste, such as an old oil tank as this will have to be removed separately.

What happens to household rubbish after it’s removed from a house or garage?

Our policy is to recycle as much of your house and garage waste as possible. Your waste will be separated and deposited to recycling plants across the country, and its journey will vary depending on the material.

For example, any garden waste or wood chippings being stored in your garage will be sent to composting stations, where they will be used by farmers, or converted into a fertiliser to be sold in supermarkets. Other waste will be used for energy production, which can be used to power homes.

Materials such as any plastics, glass, metals, or E-waste will be organised once it reaches recycling facilities. If possible, these will be melted down or manufactured into everyday products that can continue to be used. This way, new materials don’t have to be produced each time something is cleared.

How can house and garage waste be reused and not disposed of?

We’re confident that most of your home and garage waste can be recycled. However, there are other ways you can reuse your waste. Many products found in homes and garages may have outlived their use for you but, could benefit someone else. 

The beauty of social media is that it’s extremely easy to advertise any old toys, clothes, or furniture and see if anyone wants your old purchases – you could even make a few quid off them. Alternatively, you could donate these things to relevant charities, which always benefit from contributions. If something has been broken for a while, why not have a go at fixing it before throwing it away?

You can book your home and garage rubbish clearance online. We offer a fixed price, with all labour included, meaning our services are extremely affordable. We’re quick and flexible, meaning your clearance can usually begin as soon as you need it to. Contact us for more information and guidance.


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