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Paper Waste


What is Paper Waste?

Experts predict that, across the globe, we produce around 85 million tonnes of paper waste each year. This is due to the simple fact that paper products play such a big role in our daily lives, and you’d be hard-pressed to go a single day without using some kind of paper. While there are many different forms of paper waste, it can typically be split into two separate waste categories.

Pre-consumer Paper Waste. This refers to products that were produced but not utilised or used. For example, this could include newspapers and magazines that were printed but not purchased by a customer.

Post-consumer Paper Waste. Post-consumer waste refers to waste products that are disposed of after use. For example, this could include any paper products that are used before being thrown away.

Regardless of the nature of the waste, at Divert, we are passionate about protecting the environment by ensuring that all products are safely and securely disposed of. When it comes to paper waste – this means one thing: recycling.

While this list is by no means exhaustive, here are some great examples of paper waste products that can be recycled:

Informational Booklets
Instruction Manuels
White & Coloured Paper
Parcel Paper
Some forms of wrapping paper
Glossy Paper

Wheelie bins for paper waste disposal and collection

240 L Wheelie Bin

240 l wheelie bin for commercial waste

This is the same size as the one outside your house. Holds 3 - 5 bags

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360 L Wheelie Bin

360 l wheelie bin for commercial waste

A bit bigger than the one outside your house. Holds 5 - 7 Bags

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660 L Wheelie Bin

660 l wheelie bin 4 wheels commercial waste

A big bin, 4 wheels suitable to hold 10 - 12 bags. Can come with a lock

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1100 L Wheelie Bin

1100 l wheelie bin 4 wheels commercial waste

The most common bin, 4 wheels, can be lockable. Holds 15+ bags

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who produces Paper Waste and why?

To put it simply, we all produce paper waste – in both our personal and professional lives. However, some of the biggest contributors to Paper Waste within the UK include:

Offices. Studies suggest that the average office employee uses around 10,000 sheets of paper in a year. This means that even small businesses with approximately ten employees are using at least 100,000 of paper annually. This paper waste could come in many different forms, from expense receipts to important business documents – however, it’s clear that business owners must put strategies in place to reduce this waste.

Educational facilities. Educational facilities also produce large volumes of paper waste every day. For example, teachers may hand out worksheets to every student or encourage them to print out their homework. At the end of each academic year, they may also produce large volumes of paper waste in the form of work and exercise books.

How much Paper Waste do we produce?

According to recent studies, we use around 12.5 million tonnes of paper each year in the UK alone. To put this into perspective, the trees required to produce this amount of paper equates to a forest the size of wales. Around 80% of paper waste is recycled – while the rest is mistakenly sent to landfills or disposed of incorrectly.

Paper Waste: The Facts

Paper Recycling is on the rise thanks to numerous government initiatives, alongside a growing public consciousness regarding our impact on the planet.

When we recycle just one tonne of paper, we save 17 trees, 30,000L of water and upwards of 4000 kWh of energy.

The paper manufacturing industry uses 40% of all industrial wood.

Sixty-five billion sheets of paper are used each day across the world.

How can we reduce Paper Waste?

The sheer volume of paper waste produced on a daily basis means that we must put specific plans in place to reduce the amount of paper we consume. Thankfully, there are various ways in which you can achieve this goal:

Go Paperless. If you run a business, you can help to reduce the amount of paper waste you produce by going paperless. For example, instead of printing out every document or file, store them digitally. Not only is this better for the planet, but it also makes it easier for you to find specific documents when you need them.

Use both sides of the paper. Whether you are using paper at home, work or school, you can half the amount of paper waste you producing by ensuring that you use both sides of the paper. If you are printing documents, you can change your printer’s settings to ensure that both sides are used in the process.

Reuse. Another way in which you can reduce the amount of paper waste is by finding alternative uses for the products after they have served their original purpose. For example, paper can be used in composting.

Recycle. Finally, you can reduce the amount of paper waste you produce by ensuring that you recycle wherever possible. To achieve this within your business, you must ensure that all employees have access to the appropriate recycling facilities.

How can Paper Waste be Stored?

At Divert, we have a range of storage options available that you can use to store your Paper waste before collection. This could include:

Paper Waste Wheelie Bins. If you do not produce large volumes of Paper Waste, then a Wheelie Bin is likely your best solution. They are secure, lockable and available in a wide range of colours to ensure your waste is properly segregated.

Paper Waste Skips. We also have a wide variety of skips on hand for those who produce large volumes of Paper Waste, such as schools and offices.

Balers & compactors. If you are producing large volumes of Paper Waste on a daily basis, you may also want to consider using a Baler or compactor. These storage units compress the waste stored within them, meaning they can hold large volumes of waste at once. They can be used for all forms of dry mixed recycling.

What are the benefits of working with Divert to manage my Paper Waste?

There are many benefits to working alongside Divert to better manage your waste. For example:

We’ll provide you with access to a range of free bins to store your waste prior to collection. We’ll also deliver and set them up at your business quickly and efficiently – often within a few days of our first contact.

We offer tailored waste collection plans to each of our customers. Whether you want your waste picked up every Monday before your company opens its doors or once a month – we’ve got you covered.

You’ll receive great peace of mind, knowing that your waste will never be sent to a landfill site and will instead be recycled ready for reuse. This helps make your company and the planet greener.

We offer all of these benefits (and more) for a cost-effective price, as we believe that proper waste management should be accessible to all businesses. Get in touch today for a quick quote.

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