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Getting rid of an old wardrobe can be challenging due to its bulky size and location in a bedroom that’s often up at least one flight of stairs. At Divert we provide a wardrobe removal service as part of our man and van services that includes free labour and removal, so you don’t have to drag it downstairs.

Find a solution whether you want to recycle a broken wardrobe from your home or dispose of wardrobes in preparation for a refurbishment in your hotel, B&B, or any other business. Get a free quote for wardrobe removal today – call 0333 444 0118 or contact us online – or learn more about recycling wardrobes below.

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When should I get rid of a wardrobe?

There can be various reasons for needing to get rid of a wardrobe. After years of holding your clothes the wear and tear may be too much and you want to replace a tatty old one. If it’s got wet, mould, or damp issues then it’s probably time to go.

Accidents happen and a broken wardrobe is probably easier to shift than repair. Your clothes collection could be expanding, and you simply need to replace it with a bigger wardrobe. If you’re moving house you might not want to take it with you either (due to its size or not fitting in with your new home’s décor).

Businesses such as hotels and B&Bs also need to get rid of old wardrobes at certain times. This could be when preparing for a refurbishment and updating rooms with new and larger or smaller wardrobes. It could also be if any wardrobes have been damaged by guests, pets, or anything else.

How can I get rid of 
an old wardrobe?

These are a few ways you can get rid of an old wardrobe:

  • Use a man and van removal service – arrange for a man and van to come and remove your old wardrobe. With Divert our man and van services include labour, so two of our team will carry your wardrobe out of your home or business and load it into the van. This means you don’t need to stress about moving it outside.
  • Donate it to charity – if your wardrobe is still in decent condition consider donating it to a local charity that can sell it to raise funds for its cause. Some charities offer a collection service but check that they accept wardrobe donations first.
  • Take it to the tip – many household waste recycling centres (HWRCs) or tips will accept old wardrobes. You’ll need a vehicle big enough to fit it in and a pair of helping hands to load it up. Check what will happen to your old wardrobe too, as you don’t want it going to landfill/
  • Arrange council bulky waste collection – some councils offer a bulky waste collection service that covers wardrobes. However, there may be a charge for the service and a waiting list. You’ll also likely have to move your wardrobe outside your home for it to be collected.
  • Chop it up for firewood – if your wardrobe is made of pure untreated wood such as oak, then you could break it down and use it as firewood. Check the wood type is suitable for burning first though and that it contains no chemicals. Burning wood also releases carbon dioxide, which isn’t very green.
blue wardrobe next to a bed in a bedroom.

How to dismantle a wardrobe

Before you get rid of a wardrobe you might want to dismantle it. This should make moving it downstairs and loading it into a vehicle easier. It’s best to dismantle a wardrobe with two people as they’re large items and there’s a risk it could fall over in the process. Follow these steps to dismantle a wardrobe:

  • Take off the doors by unscrewing the metal hinges and putting them to one side.
  • Remove any shelves, drawers, and the clothes rail.
  • Lift off the top and bottom of the wardrobe – you might need to unscrew in a few places depending on the type of wardrobe.
  • Pull apart the side panels to completely dismantle the wardrobe.
  • Place your dismantled wardrobe at its collection point or load it into your vehicle.

Recycle your wardrobe’s contents

As well as the physical wardrobe it’s also important you dispose of its contents safely and responsibly. Rather than throwing everything away with your general waste that might make its way to landfill, there are other ways to recycle what’s in your wardrobe:

  • Clothes – take any clothes in decent condition to a charity shop. If you want to make a bit of money you can always sell them online on eBay, Vinted, and other second-hand sites. Put old clothes with a bit of wear and tear in a clothes bank and they should end up being recycled.
  • Shoes – again, shoes in decent condition should be cleaned and donated to a charity shop while those worse for wear can be placed in clothes banks that accept footwear. These are often found in council and supermarket car parks.
  • Bags – found an old bag at the bottom of your wardrobe? Try selling it online or giving it to a charity shop. If it’s not your style any more you could always repurpose it as a grocery bag for your weekly shop.
  • Coat hangers – wardrobes are breeding grounds for coat hangers, so you’ll likely have hundreds. Ask your local dry cleaners if they want any of them or drop them off at a charity shop. Wire coat hangers can be recycled with scrap metal. Plastic and wooden coat hangers should be reused where possible.
  • Bedding – donate clean bedding to any homeless shelters or animal charities that will put them to good use. Otherwise, you can recycle it with other clothes and textiles or pass it on to charity shops.
coat hangers and clothes in a wardrobe.

How does wardrobe recycling work?

Wardrobe recycling is quick and easy with Divert. Let us know where and when you want your old wardrobe collected and we’ll arrange for one of our vans with a couple of guys to come and remove it. They’ll lift, carry, and load the wardrobe into the van so you don’t have to struggle moving it.

We divert all old wardrobes away from landfill. Depending on the condition it may be reused or upcycled. Any wardrobes beyond repair will be taken to a relevant recycling centre. Here they’re assessed and sorted by material. They’ll be broken down and their parts sent for recycling at a specialist facility that deals with that waste type.

How much does wardrobe removal cost?

Wardrobe removal costs vary depending on a few factors. This includes the size of the wardrobe, where you need it collected from, and when. If you want other items removed at the same time then this may also affect the price (such as a chest of drawers, bedding, clothes, or other bulky waste).

The easiest and most accurate way for an idea of your wardrobe removal cost is to get a free quote with Divert. Simply tell us the size of your wardrobe, when you want it collected, your address, and any access issues for a tailored price.

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All labour costs are included so you don’t need to break your back moving such a big piece of furniture around. Plus, there’s no waiting around for a skip or the extra permit costs – our team come and removes your wardrobe in one go. Arrange wardrobe collection and get your free quote today – call 0333 444 0118 or contact us online.

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