Skip Hire vs Man With a Van

4th December 2023

By Graham Matthews

There are various options when you’re clearing a house, garden, or office, or just getting rid of lots of rubbish at once. The first is to try and fit as much as possible in your household bins for the council to collect for free. However, it’s likely you’ll quickly fill these bins and need a fresh solution.

Taking rubbish to the tip is another idea but you’ll need a big vehicle and have to make multiple trips. For an easier and more efficient method, the main choices are often between hiring a skip or using a man and van service. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and suit certain situations better.

To make things simple here we explain how each service works, the pros and cons of each, and the costs involved to help you decide which option is right for your project. Work out whether hiring a skip or using a man with a van is best to get rid of your waste.

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How does skip hire work?

Hiring a skip is straightforward in most cases. Start by deciding what size skip you need, based on the type and amount of waste you expect to produce. Search around and find a local business that offers skip-hire services that meet your needs at a good price.

The skip hire company should deliver the skip and drop it off at your chosen place. You then fill it with the appropriate waste types and within any weight or height limits. Then the company will send out a skip loader to remove your full skip at an agreed time and date, taking the waste away for disposal.

Skip hire is suitable for long-term projects and companies will offer to rent out their skips for anywhere from a few days to weeks or months. Depending on your project you might want to hire two or more skips to accommodate the volume of waste.

How does using a 
man with a van work?

Using a man with a van to get rid of rubbish from your home or business is also fairly simple. Find a local man and van service in your area and provide a rough idea of the types and amount of waste you want them to remove. This helps ensure they use the best-sized van.

Agree on a time and date. On the day the van and one or two professionals (depending on your waste amount) will come to your home or business. They’ll lift, carry, and load all your waste into the van and drive it to a nearby waste management facility for disposal. They might make more than one trip depending on your needs.

A man and van is good for fast and effortless waste removal, as labour is included in the service. It’s good for getting rid of lots of different waste types at once with the flexibility to make multiple trips and use different van sizes in some cases to accommodate different needs.

Advantages and disadvantages 
of skip hire

Advantages of hiring a skip:

  • Great for long-term projects when waste is produced gradually over days or weeks
  • Convenient to keep adding waste when you need
  • All rubbish is removed in one go when the skip is removed
  • Large for storing bulky waste as well as rubble, soil, and construction waste
  • Choice of skip sizes to suit different uses
skip on the road next to a row of shops.

Disadvantages of hiring a skip:

  • Need space for the skip on your property in a place that’s accessible for the skip loader and doesn’t block access
  • If you put a skip on the road outside you’ll need a permit, which can be costly and take extra time
  • The costs of hiring a skip can vary depending on its size, how long you need it for, and what waste it holds
  • Only certain waste types can go in a skip, so might need additional waste removal services anyway
  • There’s a risk of other people using your skip if it’s in a public place or theft of its contents
  • You pay for a skip based on its size, whether you fill it or not, so it may be less cost-effective
  • Filling the skip with waste is all down to you, so you’ll have to do all the heavy lifting and carrying

Advantages and disadvantages of 
a man with a van hire

Advantages of using a man with a van:

  • Quick and convenient waste removal with everything taken away in one go on an agreed day
  • Permits aren’t required and the extra time and costs that can involve
  • No need for special access or space on your property to place a skip, waste can be removed from inside your home, office, garage, or elsewhere
  • Labour included so you don’t have to move and lift any bulky waste or awkward items
  • Reduced fuel usage is better for the environment – as vans only make one trip out, rather than delivering and removing a skip
  • Flexible service to remove as much or as little waste as you need with a price tailored to your specific requirements
  • A wide range of waste types can be removed together in one van

Disadvantages of using a man with a van:

  • Space is limited based on the van’s size, so it might require a few trips
  • Waste is taken away in one go, so you’ll have to store rubbish somewhere secure before the day of removal
  • Not always suitable for removing rubble and construction waste
boxes stacked up for a house move.

Is it cheaper to get a man 
with a van or hire a skip?

Using a man with a van can be a cheaper alternative to skip hire when you’ve got big and bulky items you need to get rid of quickly. If you’re clearing a house, garden, garage, or office and have everything in one place then a man and van service might be more cost-effective.

The costs of using a man and van can depend on the size and type of van, how much waste you need collected, where from, and when. Labour is included though, which can make it more cost-effective. It’s easiest to get a tailored free quote for our man and van services – call 0333 444 0118 or contact us online.

Skip hire can be more expensive if you need to pay for a permit to place it on the street outside. The costs of hiring a skip also depend on its size, when and where you need it, and how long. Unless you’re creating waste over a longer period it’s often cheaper to use a man with a van than hire a skip.

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