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Same Day Rubbish Removal

Same day waste removal can be a lifesaver if you’ve got items too big to fit in your normal bin or a removal company lets you down at the last minute. Whether you’re moving house, office, clearing the garden, or simply have some junk you want rid of, same day rubbish removal offers a quick and convenient solution.

At Divert, we provide same day waste removal for any type of rubbish from all sorts of UK locations. Plus, we care about what happens to it next. As our name suggests, it’s our mission to divert any waste we collect on the same day away from landfill for an environmentally friendly future.

Discover the range of same day rubbish removal services we offer to clear your home, garden, office, or get rid of some select items fast. If you’re ready to go simply call 01904 295 985, WhatsApp us or contact us online to arrange same day junk removal today.

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Our On-Demand Services

We offer same day rubbish clearance for your home, garden, and workplace. Explore our on-demand services to find same day rubbish removals that suit your needs.

Man & Van

Use our man & van on-demand services to clear a wide variety of waste from your home or workplace on the same day. Our man & van service offers a great alternative if you don’t have space or time for a skip. We can collect waste at the last minute including:

Old furniture from homes and offices, electrical goods and appliances, building materials, garden waste, cardboard, paper, and packaging materials

Learn more about same day Man & Van removal

Garden Waste Removal

Arrange same day garden waste removal from your home or office garden with our on-demand services. From all the plants and greenery you can think of to sheds, tools, and old paint tins, we can clear out most items from your garden. Same day garden removal includes:

Flowers and other plants, grass and leaves, branches and twigs, hedge cuttings, wood chippings

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Furniture Removal

Same day furniture removal can get you out of a tight spot when you need to quickly move such large items. Whether you need same day sofa collection to get rid of a settee from your back yard or are clearing out an office, our services cater to all such needs. Same day furniture removal includes:

Sofas, desks, chairs, beds, wardrobes

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House Rubbish Removal

Get rid of bulky waste, electrical items, and all sorts of items from your home with our on-demand services. No job is too big or small, whether you’re clearing out a bungalow, terrace, detached or any other house. Same day house rubbish removal includes:

Carpets, bedframes, old TVs, mattresses, bags of general waste

Learn more about same day house clearances


Our Locations

We can provide same day rubbish collection to a wide range of locations across the UK. Whether you need to clear out your home, office, or garden, see if we provide on-demand services in your region. Check out your nearest location page and enter your postcode to find out if we can offer same day waste removal where you need it.


See what types of waste you can get rid of and where with our on-demand services for same day rubbish removal in Leeds.


Discover the areas of Bradford where we offer same day rubbish removal to help clear your home, office, or garden.


Make moving out of or across one of North Yorkshire’s finest spa towns a breeze with same day rubbish removal in Harrogate.


There’s no need for Viking strength to move bulky items from your home, garage, office, or garden with same day rubbish removal in York.


Get rid of all sorts of waste quickly and conveniently with our on-demand services for same day rubbish removal in Northallerton.


The Transporter Bridge won’t be needed to move your waste with our services for same day rubbish removal in Middlesbrough.

Why Use Divert For Same Day Waste Removal?

Using Divert for same day rubbish removals is a quick, efficient, and cost-effective solution to help you get rid of all sorts of waste easily. Hiring a skip requires lots of space at your home or office, or you’ll need a licence to place one on the street. This can cost more and take extra time to deliver, fill, and collect.

With Divert, we can come and remove your waste all in the same day – with no waiting around. Plus, we care about what happens to your rubbish. So, rather than it all ending up in landfill like it may in a skip, we’ll do our best to ensure as much as possible is recycled, repurposed, or reused to help protect our planet.

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