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Cold Tub Bin Rental

Posted by in News on 9th June 2021

PLEASE NOTE THIS SERVICE IS NO LONGER OFFERED PLEASE NOTE THIS SERVICE IS NO LONGER OFFERED Waste company to rent out bins for ‘cold tub’ craze How to ‘wheelie’ chill out this summer Move over hot tubs, there’s a cooler trend in town this summer. The new craze has people ditching their hot tubs in […]

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Starving seagulls turn on binmen as a year of lockdown bites

Posted by in News on 3rd June 2021

Flying rats, pests, vermin… seagulls don’t get the best press – but their savage attacks on bewildered binmen have sealed their reputation. Refuse collectors across the UK are reporting being dive-bombed by starving gulls, desperate to get their talons on morsels of food. It sounds shocking, but this isn’t new behaviour for seagulls – many […]

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Put dogs in nappies or face fines?

Posted by in News on 18th May 2021

How to tackle the explosion of dog poo on our streets. Are you tired of playing dodge-the-dog-poo on public footpaths? A rubbish collection company has started a bold new campaign to force dog owners to put nappies on their furry friends – or face steep fines. Since lockdowns began in March 2020, the amount of […]

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How to dispose of your garden waste

Posted by in News on 12th May 2021

The Divert Guide to Clearing Out Your Garden Waste Gardens have properly come into their own in the last year or so, thanks to the whole pandemic situation. Whether you’ve got a massive, sprawling outdoor space, or a small patch of weed-filled grass with a couple of basic plant pots with zero life in them, […]

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Covid-19 adding ‘mountains’ of single-use plastic to landfill

Posted by in News on 12th May 2021

There have been many unintended consequences of Covid-19 worldwide – but one, in particular, could be undoing years of tireless campaigning against single-use plastic, warns plastic waste collection company As a result of shoppers’ fears about Covid-19 transmission, countless supermarkets are seeing the rise of single-use plastic bag, particularly in the fresh produce sections. […]

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How to remove and dispose of asbestos

Posted by in News on 6th May 2021

The Divert Guide to Removing Asbestos from Your Home First things first, let’s be blunt: asbestos isn’t something you should mess around with. The Health and Safety Executive estimates that 5,000 people die from asbestos-related complications every year – ironic, given it was originally used to save lives as a fire-retardant material – and it’s […]

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Communities sitting on cardboard beige mine

Posted by in News on 4th May 2021

Communities sitting on ‘beige mine’ as plans to roll out local cardboard bins could fund community projects Waste cardboard becomes a potential moneymaker for local authorities Collection bins made available in easy-to-access positions could push record-breaking community recycling drive Funds raised would be put back into the community for local causes and environmental projects   […]

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Guide to Garden Shed Removal

Posted by in News on 23rd April 2021

Garden Shed Removal As a place to store tools, do DIY projects, or simply serve as a place to hide from your children, partner, or just the world for a few minutes of peace and quiet, the garden shed has countless uses. Sadly, even the most modern, hard-wearing outhouses eventually need to be pulled down, […]

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Old TV disposal

Posted by in News on 14th April 2021

The Divert Guide to Throwing Out Your TV As the cornerstone of Western civilisation for generations, the TV is a focal place in most homes. Nearly every living room is centred on them – legend has it that the first house was built around a television – but this dependency on tellies, combined with changes […]

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