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Old TV disposal

Posted by in News on 14th April 2021

The Divert Guide to Throwing Out Your TV As the cornerstone of Western civilisation for generations, the TV is a focal place in most homes. Nearly every living room is centred on them – legend has it that the first house was built around a television – but this dependency on tellies, combined with changes […]

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The Divert Guide to Paint Tin Disposal

Posted by in News on 12th April 2021

Paint Tin Disposal There’s nothing better than a fresh lick of paint in your home, but it comes at a price: a never-ending pile of half-empty paint tins that increasingly stack up under your stairs, in your garage, or at the back of your shed. You can’t just throw them out, either – it’s against […]

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Oil tank removal

Posted by in News on 6th April 2021

The Divert Guide to Domestic Oil Tank Removal If you live “off the grid” in a rural area, chances are you literally are off the grid: the National Grid, anyway. Homes that are out in the sticks might have phone lines, but also often have to generate their own power with a domestic oil tank. […]

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New beer ‘Bin Juice’ launched by rubbish removal company

Posted by in News on 1st April 2021

Introducing ‘Bin Juice’ – The beer for the eco-conscious, for when you want to sesh with the squad but still respect the environment. Want to have a drink AND do something good for the environment? While celebrating the hideous goo you find at the bottom of bins?  Boy, have you come to the right place, […]

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How to dispose of your fridge

Posted by in News on 29th March 2021

The Divert Guide to Getting Rid of Your Fridge Your fridge is one of the most important things in your home. Unless you’re a student, it’s the one-stop-shop for most of your food – while also doubling as a place for guests to judge you for what you do and don’t keep in there, like […]

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How to dispose of carpet

Posted by in News on 23rd March 2021

The Divert guide to disposing of your old carpet Whether you’re looking to get hardwood or laminate flooring, or simply need a new, thicker, or better-looking floor than the one you’ve got, there’s a good chance you’ll need to get rid of old carpet. On the face of it, the task seems pretty simple, but […]

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Self-cleaning re-useable plasma face masks

Posted by in News on 19th March 2021

New self-cleaning re-useable facemasks to end face mask litter and plastic waste ‘State of the art’ open-source tech to combat PPE issues ‘Groundbreaking’ use of non-thermal plasma could allow for safer re-use of masks Over 40% increase in demand for PPE has generated enormous excess waste since pandemic began. Plans will be made open-source to […]

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Thieves stealing electric car charging cables

Posted by in News on 11th March 2021

Car charging cable theft on the rise. Is your electric vehicle safe from the metal thieves? With the UK set to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030, the future of the motor trade industry really is electric, but that’s leading to a new type of crime – the theft of […]

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Just 1 in 50 tradespeople have waste carrier licences

Posted by in News on 9th March 2021

Just 1 in 50 tradespeople have waste carrier licences, putting customers at risk Beware the ‘rubbish’ surprise when having work done in your home – just 1 in 50 tradespeople have waste carrier licences, putting customers at risk. Tradespeople without a licence are falling foul of strict waste disposal rules – and are putting their […]

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