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Waste management in Wakefield

Waste management in Wakefield

Businesses play a key part in ensuring that waste is managed effectively and the least amount goes to landfills. Cities especially produce lots of waste, and Wakefield is no different.

Serving a large population of over 100,000 within the city and almost 350,000 in the wider district, Wakefield is a central hub for many. Producing so much waste can be challenging to manage for some organisations, but Divert aims to provide an easy solution to this.

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Waste collection Wakefield

Divert offers free bins to organisations of all sizes, which are heavy-duty and specially designed with unique colours to make separating different types of waste simple. Not only does this increase the environmental friendliness of your Wakefield-based organisation, but it also ensures you are complying with legal regulations and streamlines the entire process.

Wakefield is a busy city with a range of organisations, such as public services and private companies. This is why we offer a completely flexible collection service that can work around any timetable, with daily, weekly and monthly collections available. Our friendly and highly skilled team can also offer you advice on the best options.

Clinical waste in Wakefield

Clinical waste is waste that has the potential to pose a risk to others if it’s not handled or disposed of properly. This means infectious, sharp, offensive and anatomical waste.

Divert offers specific coloured bags for each of these types of waste so that they are separated properly. We can give you tailored advice so that you are not confused about how to manage your clinical waste.

This is especially important considering Wakefield’s large number of hospitals, GP surgeries, pharmacies, dentists, care homes and salons, which all produce tonnes of clinical waste per year. Wakefield is home to Pinderfields Hospital which treats people from all over West Yorkshire and beyond.

Confidential waste disposal in Wakefield

Wakefield Prison is a maximum-security prison that must handle documents about inmates and staff with maximum security, which Divert can help with. Confidential waste refers to waste that holds private or confidential information, such as personnel files, financial records or medical records.

Although it usually takes the form of paper waste, it should not be thrown away with other non-confidential paper products. Divert offers the utmost discretion when it comes to handling confidential waste as well as free guidance and appropriate bins.

Glass collection in Wakefield

Glass collection in Wakefield

Glass waste refers to any glass products that have been used and need to be disposed of. Glass is one of the most recyclable materials, so it’s important that it doesn’t end up in landfill.

Wakefield is known for its nightlife, so having an effective way to dispose of alcohol bottles is a must for many businesses.

Cardboard collection in Wakefield

Wakefield city centre is home to two large shopping centres, Trinity Walk and The Ridings. Product packaging and stock deliveries mean that these produce vast amounts of cardboard waste every day.

Divert can collect your cardboard waste in Wakefield daily and ensure it’s disposed of appropriately.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recycling rate in Wakefield?

What is the recycling rate in Wakefield?

Around 49% of household waste in Wakefield was sent for reuse, recycling or composting in 2020/21. This is an impressive figure, but Wakefield City Council wants this to be higher.

How much waste is produced in Wakefield?

Wakefield City Council collected an average of 460.3kg of household waste per person from homes in 2020-21. This is a very large figure that could be reduced by better recycling practices.

Is polystyrene recyclable in Wakefield?

Polystyrene often ends up in landfills because it can’t be easily recycled by most city councils, despite it being commonly used for packaging. Divert can collect polystyrene from your Wakefield-based business and ensure it gets recycled.

What type of plastic can be recycled in Wakefield?

Yes it’s not just plastic bottles that can be recycled in Wakefield. Plastic is problematic for businesses that produce plastic waste including restaurants that use food containers and pots.