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Waste collection in Harrogate

Want affordable, sustainable business waste collections in Harrogate? Divert.co.uk are on hand for all your rubbish collections – and not only are we diverting (see what we did there?) recyclable waste away from landfill, we’re also helping your business become more environmentally friendly, too.

commercial waste bin

Only pay for waste collections We provide free bins

Our recycling-focused approach means your rubbish collections have less of an impact on the planet and reduce carbon emissions – but they’re still flexible and affordable, to ensure your business is able to dispose of your rubbish responsibly without the hassle.

And, so you’ve got peace of mind, our team in Harrogate are all fully trained and CRB checked for a professional service that you’ll spot coming, thanks to our recognisable purple uniforms.

Clinical waste Harrogate

For efficient, compliant clinical waste disposal in Harrogate, Divert are the obvious choice. We’re qualified to deal with clinical waste and will ensure you receive the necessary paperwork to prove correct handling of any waste materials you produce – and, to make sure you’ve got the correct storage, we’ll provide you with the right bins or containers, too.

Whether your business specialises in aesthetic treatments and requires hypodermic needle collections or you’re a medical business with a variety of clinical waste, we can work with you to handle collection and disposal. We work across all Harrogate postcodes and ensure a professional, discreet service that won’t disrupt your business if it’s of a sensitive nature.

Glass collection Harrogate

From Harrogate’s highly-regarded restaurants to its chic bars, glass collection is a must for some businesses – and at Divert we pride ourselves on ensuring your glass waste is recycled, every single time.

We collect regularly – so if you’re a bustling pub with plenty to collect, don’t worry! – and work with a number of local recycling and waste disposal centres to ensure not one piece of recyclable glass waste goes to landfill.

It’s easy for you, and it’s good for the environment: that’s the Divert ethos.

Waste disposal Harrogate

We know Harrogate is home to a wide variety of businesses, from famous tearooms to busy offices and plenty more. That’s why Divert’s waste disposal service can handle all types of waste: whatever rubbish you create, we can collect it.

Whether you’ve got mountains of paper or oodles of food waste, we actively seek the right waste and recycling centres in the North Yorkshire area to ensure your rubbish goes to the right place. That way, we can avoid sending anything to landfill and do our part to maintain the environment and the beautiful scenery we’re blessed with on our doorstep.

WEEE waste Harrogate

Harrogate may be a historic city, but most businesses these days have their feet firmly in the future, using laptops, computers, telephones and specialist EPOS systems every single day. This means there are plenty of businesses generating waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

But an office clearout doesn’t need to mean kilos of harmful waste: Divert’s sustainability focus means we’ll collect your WEEE waste and ensure every bit that can be recycled, such as the metals used inside your computer, goes to the appropriate recycling channel.

No fuss, no hassle – just convenient disposal via Divert’s fleet of purple vans.

Business waste Harrogate

Harrogate – a spa town with beautiful scenery, a quaint town centre and sprawling green spaces – is a magnet for firms looking to enjoy its many benefits, and a number of successful business parks nearby are housing countless businesses of all types.

That means hundreds of businesses producing rubbish – and that’s where Divert comes in. We provide regular collections, a sustainable approach to waste recycling and disposal, and fixed pricing so you always know where you stand.

Local companies can relax knowing they’re doing their bit for the planet – and Divert can get to the important job of recycling, reusing and safely disposing of business waste.

Cardboard waste Harrogate

Most deliveries arrive in cardboard these days – a good thing, since cardboard is recyclable. But with many business owners strapped for time, space, or easily-accessible recycling facilities, Divert is delighted to be on hand for all cardboard waste retrieval.

Working with businesses across all HG postcodes, we ensure all waste cardboard is carefully recycled, with nothing sent to landfill – not a single scrap. Every box, container and piece of packaging is packed up in one of our regular collections and taken to a local cardboard recycling facility where it can be disposed of with minimal impact to the environment – you can’t get better than that.