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Rubbish collection in York


Here at Divert, we’re passionate about recycling and saving the environment – and by working together, we can secure a better future for everyone. We offer on-demand rubbish collection in York, collecting just about any type of waste. We aim to divert waste away from landfills, and our collection processes are completely carbon neutral.

Our staff are professional and dedicated to the cause, being fully uniformed, trained, and CRB checked. We guarantee that you won’t find a better rubbish removal service in York – we offer a fast and flexible wait and load service which can be upgraded on the day without any hassle. Our prices are fixed and affordable, with all labour included.

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We aim to help both the environment and our customers with a stress-free, expert rubbish removal service. Whether you’re looking to remove bulky items, sofas, white goods, office, or home waste, we’re eager to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or guidance

Home Rubbish Removal and Disposal York

As of 2019, York ranked 144th in the national recycling league table, meaning that improvements can definitely be made. With help from Divert, York can increase its recycling statistics with our fast, easy, and reliable service.

According to these statistics, the percentage of household waste that was recycled in York was 45%, which is less than the UK average. A spokesperson for the City of York Council said it would continue to look at how it can drive up its recycling figures in 2021, as it believes that what happens to its recycled goods holds the utmost importance.

None of our waste is sent to landfill, and all non-recyclable waste is sent to waste recovery plants. Any remaining organic or recyclable waste that has not been put out to be recycled is separated and used for energy.

Office Rubbish Removal and Disposal York

York is a thriving British city that attracts millions of tourists, meaning there’s no shortage of offices and businesses. However, there are a number of different waste management services that minimise waste caused by commercial properties.

Divert is one of the main office clearance companies in York. We collect all wooden desks, printers, chairs, carpet tiles, metal filing cabinets, and everything in between. We can take any kind of office waste, including electrical equipment and large furniture, ensuring they’re recycled; everything from transport to equipment and labour is included.

If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and cheap way of clearing out your office sustainably, book online with Divert.

Man and Van Rubbish Removal York

Generally, this type of service works by moving items; for example, shifting waste from A to B. It’s essentially what the name suggests – a man with a van, who removes your waste and takes it to a disposal site. Divert’s man-and-van services for York are available to anyone with unwanted waste, and you can book online. However, we don’t stop once the waste is collected – it’s then taken to the most appropriate place for its next life: recycling, waste energy, or one of many other environmentally friendly locations. We aim to avoid putting anything to landfill.

Washing Machine, Tumble Dryer, Fridge and Freezer Disposal York

As of 2020, there are well over 80,000 households in York. When we think about white goods, this means that there are approximately 80,000 washing machines, fridges, and freezers in the city – maybe more! If people fail to recycle these white goods when they needed replacing, York could find itself with a huge surplus of waste.

Luckily, we offer a fridge and freezer and domestic appliance collection service from households. If you’re looking for a flexible service, Divert’s fleet of purple vans can help.

Sofa Disposal York

Sofas need to be properly disposed of, as they can last a very long time. It’s not something you have to worry about frequently, as the average household only changes their sofa every 11 years. However, 40% of the bulky waste that is thrown out in the UK is furniture, namely armchairs and sofas.

Sofa removal can be frustrating, as you can’t use your regular bin collection service due to their size. If your sofa has lived out its life, recycling it is the way to go. At Divert, we can take this frustration out of your hands.

Bulky Waste Collection York

1.6 billion tonnes of bulky waste is thrown out each year in the UK. This refers to furniture, mattresses, garden chairs, beds, and other large household items that can’t be disposed of with your normal collection service.

You can book a bulky item collection online, where we offer you an expert bulky removal service for a fixed cost.

We aim to help both the environment and our customers with a stress-free, expert rubbish removal service. Whether you are looking to remove bulky items, sofas, white goods, office, or home waste, we are eager to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should skip hire companies in York be avoided?

Skip hire alternative York

Using a skip involves much more effort on your part, and environmentally, than a man-and-van rubbish removal service. While we appreciate the commitment to removing your waste, using a skip in York will inevitably require two trips – one to deliver, and one to collect, is that good for the environment? You’ll also need to find a space for the skip and apply for a licence. All of this can be avoided by using Divert, where we take the rubbish removal right out of your hands – in both a literal and a metaphorical sense.

Can bicycles be collected in York?

We work with a number of charity partners and will collect your old bike and ensure it’s put to the best use. Don’t throw it away!

Can you supply a skip?

Yes if the purple van service isn’t a good fit then we can arrange for skip or skip bags

Do you supply skip bags?

Yes we do! You can find more information about skip bags in York on this page

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