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Rubbish removal in Harrogate

If you’re looking to improve your recycling and sustainability practices, look no further than Divert. We share your passion for the environment and aim to promote recycling, taking unnecessary waste away from the clutches of landfill sites. We provide a quick, on-demand rubbish collection with extremely flexible collection times, and we can remove just about any waste from your home or business. We’re proud to say we’re completely carbon neutral – so if you’re a home or business owner in Harrogate, reach out to Divert.

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We firmly believe that by working together, we can reduce waste and improve recycling in Harrogate. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and guidance, or to request one of our top-quality services.

Man and Van Rubbish Removal Harrogate

Divert gives you a man-and-van service that lives up to the name – it’s essentially a man with a fantastic purple van, who’ll come to collect your waste and take it to wherever’s appropriate.

Home Rubbish Removal Harrogate

As of 2020, the population of Harrogate is over 150,000 people, and as you can imagine, this means that there are many homes in the area generating waste. Recently, it was reported that 41% of the waste produced by households is either reused, recycled or composted – well short of the 50% target set by the government.

More and more people are understanding the importance of recycling each year, and the population of Harrogate is no exception. The area has changed the way it deals with household waste, and collections have changed to alternate weeks, meaning it’s being collected as regularly as recycling. Residents used to rely on the black sacks that were provided to contain their waste, but are now given 240-litre wheeled bins. Over 43,000 residents have chosen to make use of the free garden-waste collection service, which is available throughout Harrogate for nine months of the year.

A prominent recycling initiative in Harrogate comes courtesy of Harrogate Water, which committed to manufacturing its bottles using 50% recycled plastic from 2018.

Office Waste Removal and Disposal Harrogate

Harrogate is home to over 9,000 businesses, which employ 72,000 people and generate thousands of tonnes of business waste. Therefore it’s essential that individual businesses attempt to manage this. If you require assistance, contact Divert, or simply book online! We can remove your rubbish quickly and flexibly. You can even call us on the day to request more waste to be picked up without any issues.

It’s also important that office clearance is handled correctly, as this can often entail the removal of bulky items and office furniture. Our rubbish clearance can clear anything from single items to entire floors of offices. Such collection services include furniture, desks, chairs, cabinets, cupboards, computers, sofas, carpet tiles, and white goods. As a company, we aim to reduce what would usually be sent to landfill by 90%; instead, we make sure items are recycled or reused.

Washing Machines, Fridges, Freezers and Tumble Dryer Disposal Harrogate

If each homeowner owns a washing machine, a fridge, and a freezer, and each home looks to get rid of or replace these at some point, then that is a large number of white goods that have the potential to end up in a landfill. These white goods contain dangerous gases, which will inevitably cause harm to the environment if not disposed of safely. Divert collects and recycles all white goods in whatever condition they may be found.

With white goods, we operate a zero-to-landfill policy, meaning we can guarantee that none of your white-goods will be sent to landfill.

Sofa Disposal and Collection Harrogate

Here at Divert, we understand the frustration of sofa removal. They’re extremely large items that are too big to be included with the rest of your waste. But they also last for a long time, meaning they can cause serious issues if they were to end up in a landfill. So what do you do with them? Well, give them to Divert.

We offer an on-demand sofa collection, meaning your sofa won’t take up too much of your valuable space for long, as our team is quick and effective. We can deposit your sofa at charity shops if they are in a reasonable condition, or if not, we’ll ensure they’re recycled.

Mattress Collection and Disposal Harrogate

When not disposed of correctly, mattresses pose similar problems to sofas. You can take your mattress to a household waste recycling centre, or deposit it at an energy recovery skip. However, we know that most mattresses are fairly big items, so Divert can take the job off your hands. We offer an on-demand mattress collection service right from your doorstep.

Bulky Waste Collection Harrogate

Recycling and removing your household waste is one thing, but dealing with your bulky waste comes with an array of other issues, largely because of their size. Bulky waste includes doors, carpets, bed bases, chairs and sofas, wardrobes, bikes, garden furniture including sheds, home furniture, computers, cookers and microwaves, washing machines, oil tanks and much more.

Removing bulky waste can be a big job, but by using Divert, you’ll get all labour included within our extremely reasonable prices. Our staff are all CRB checked, and will safely remove your waste straight from your home if you’re comfortable with this.

We firmly believe that by working together, we can reduce waste and improve recycling in Harrogate. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and guidance, or to request one of our top-quality services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why you should avoid using a skip for rubbish removal in Harrogate

Skip hire alternative in Harrogate

Many people seem to automatically believe that using a skip is the best way to deal with their waste. However, hiring a skip in Harrogate – or anywhere! – will always require it to be delivered, then collected, meaning they’ll always need to take two trips. Not only does this take longer, but it’s double the driving, which means double the amount of harmful gases that get emitted into the atmosphere.

You’ll also need a licence, and a large space to keep your skip, which can often be hard to find. And, of course, you’ll have to do the heavy lifting yourself! At Divert, our uniformed and trained staff will remove your rubbish in a single trip.

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