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Rubbish collection in Northallerton


If you’re looking for speedy, reliable rubbish collection in Northallerton, look no further than Divert: your local, friendly waste removal specialists.

In the modern world, we all create rubbish that’ll need to be collected from time to time, whether that’s a sofa that is past its best, a fridge that’s broken, or even just a pile of junk from a major clearout. The problem comes when removing this rubbish in a quick and efficient manner – and in an environmentally friendly way. Don’t worry about it – Divert’s fleet of purple vans is here to take care of business on your

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Man and Van Rubbish Removal Northallerton

There are numerous “man and van” services out there, where a person brings their van to your property, collects your rubbish and takes it away. However, you don’t always know what will happen to your things once they leave your property; in some cases, this can result in fly-tipping, which is illegal and may end up becoming your responsibility – complete with a hefty fine. Use Divert and its hard-working team and get both fixed prices and peace of mind.

Home Rubbish Removal Northallerton

According to the 2011 census, Northallerton is home to over 18,000 people, each one of whom will create their own rubbish – from daily household waste to old furniture and white goods. There are plans to add more homes to the Northallerton area, following plenty of new housing and amenities being built in recent years. With such a large amount of waste produced in Northallerton each year, it is really important to make sure it is disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way, and recycled wherever possible.

Northallerton is at the heart of North Yorkshire, a busy market town in the middle of the countryside. With a population older than the national average, 70% of the properties here are either owned or mortgaged. People take pride in their homes and want them to look good, which means not leaving rubbish and waste lying around. A new waste recovery park in North Yorkshire means that the local council should exceed their recycling target of 50% by the end of 2020. Recycling is important here, and we want to help the town continue its admirable work. Here at Divert, our aim is always to recycle the rubbish we collect wherever we can as we know how important this is – not just for targets, but for the local area and the planet.

Office Rubbish Removal Northallerton

Although a relatively small market town, Northallerton has plenty in the way of offices, including serviced offices. All these come with their own waste requirements, but Divert is experienced in all types of waste management and can help with all of your needs. From full office clearance to the removal of a few key pieces of furniture or equipment, we’re here for you. Broken chairs and desks that are beyond repair can – and should – still be recycled. The component parts of an office desk can be broken down and used for any number of other things by someone who knows what they’re doing, which is why we always aim to recycle office rubbish and waste where possible.

Fridge, Freezer, Washing Machine and Tumble Dryer Disposal Northallerton

White goods are very bulky and can be hard to dispose of. An old fridge or washing machine is hard to lift and move without assistance. Luckily, Divert can help with a quick and easy collection of your white goods. We aim to recycle as much as possible, giving you a nice, clear conscience.

Sofa Disposal Northallerton

An old sofa can be difficult to dispose of. Although not terribly heavy, sofas and armchairs are bulky and will not fit into a standard family car for transport. It’s a shame to see an old sofa go to landfill as large parts of it can often be reused – which is why Divert recycles as much as it can. We don’t want to take anything to landfill if we can avoid it at all, so you know your sofa is not adding to the rubbish crisis.

Bulky Waste Collection Northallerton

Need to dispose of bulky waste items in Northallerton? Divert can help. Bulky waste includes furniture (sofas, chairs, tables), large appliances (fridges, TVs, ovens), and plumbing fixtures (toilets, baths, sinks).

Mattress Collection and Disposal Northallerton

We offer an on-demand mattress collection service for homes in and around Northallerton. Replacing your mattress is advised every seven to ten years, but what do you do with the old one? You can’t put it out at the side of the street for your weekly bin collection; a mattress is large and unwieldy and must be disposed of properly. This is where Divert can come in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you need to remove bulky items from your home, complete a large-scale clear-out of office space, or simply ditch a tatty old sofa, Divert’s Northallerton waste disposal team is eager to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or guidance – and we’ll ensure we’ll give you the most environmentally friendly service out there.

Why you shouldn't hire a skip in Northallerton

If you have a lot of rubbish, you might feel that a skip is your only option. However, you usually need a permit in order to have a skip – and you need a space for it on your property. Using a skip requires both delivery and collection, which can be time-consuming to organise, and is a lot less environmentally friendly than a collection service that requires one single trip to your property.

Why choose Divert for your rubbish removal?

We offer on-demand rubbish collection with friendly, uniformed and trained staff who have all been CRB checked, so you can rest assured you are in safe hands.

Our aim is always to divert your rubbish away from landfill whenever we can. We want to recycle as much as possible so as to reduce waste. Our service is carbon neutral so you can rest assured we have your carbon footprint covered.

We provide you with one fixed price which includes all labour costs. This service is flexible, meaning that if you have more rubbish than anticipated, you can upgrade on the day and we will take away the excess.

We collect all types of rubbish and waste, from both commercial and residential properties in Northallerton.

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