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Islington is a vibrant community district in Greater London, England. It is a global centre of financial services, and, despite the recession, the economic climate in Islington remains relatively stable. In 2014, there were 230,000 jobs in Islington, a ratio of 1.39 for every person of working age (16-64) in the borough. The King’s Head Theatre and Pub is the second oldest operating pub theatre in the UK, and Arsenal FC has been situated in Islington for over 100 years.

In June 2019, Islington Council declared an environment and climate emergency. As a result, they pledged to work towards making Islington net zero carbon by 2030. With a household recycling target of 33%, Islington has stated that by using existing recycling services, a recycling rate of 36% is achievable. That’s why Divert can help coordinate a sustainable waste management plan to help reduce the amount of waste that gets sent to landfill.

Waste Management Islington

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Waste Collection Islington 

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With Islington securing itself as a business hub, it’s imperative for businesses to uphold their legal responsibility and dispose of their waste safely and securely. As it stands, it is estimated that 70% of a business’s landfill waste can be recycled. As a business, you have the opportunity to make a real difference by keeping waste to a minimum and recycling as much as you can. Furthermore, recycling waste costs the local council less money and reduces the amount of space being taken up in landfill. That’s why at Divert we can ensure that your duty of care is fulfilled, and by storing, removing and disposing of your waste ourselves, we prevent your waste from causing any damage to people or the environment.

Glass waste collection Islington 

London produces more than 18 million metric tonnes of waste, and as the population increases, so will the amount of rubbish. Glass recycling is one of the best options when it comes to environmental sustainability. Recycling glass is both environmentally and financially beneficial as jars and bottles made from crushed glass require significantly less energy than that produced from virgin materials. Recycling glass also reduces the space in landfills that would otherwise be taken up by used unnecessary recyclable glass waste. As of present, 60% of the glass packaging we receive in the UK is recycled, and by enabling Divert to transport and recycle the glass recycling glass instead of littering or tossing it away is greatly beneficial to both your business and the environment.

WEEE waste disposal Islington 

The UK is the 2nd largest producer of WEEE waste, and with Islington being a thriving business hub, a comprehensive waste management scheme is vital. Divert can offer to recycle your hazardous and non-hazardous electrical or electronic waste safely, securely and cost effectively. Due to the hazardous content, electrical waste or WEEE waste (Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment) in Peterborough needs to be dismantled, recycled and where possible reused.

We provide a safe, secure and cost-effective WEEE management and disposal strategy that places emphasis on recycling as much as possible. This means that we can separate and dismantle the materials before sending the to the appropriate facility, ultimately benefiting your business and the environment.

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Dry mixed recycling 
Collection Islington

Islington Council aims to contribute to London being a zero-waste city. This means that by 2026 no biodegradable or recyclable waste will be sent to landfill, and by 2030, 65 percent of London’s municipal waste will be recycled.

As waste produced as a result of business activity is classed as controlled waste, businesses are legally responsible for making sure that it is disposed of appropriately. At Divert, we understand the importance of trying to preserve as much DMR dry mixed recyclable material as possible. We can arrange for suitable recycling bins to collect your waste and take it to the most appropriate disposal facility, reducing your business’s daily carbon footprint.

Our general commercial waste collections help Islington-based businesses ensure that their commercial waste is disposed of safely and legally. For example, not only can we help you dispose of it correctly, but we can also advise you on strategies you can use to reduce the amount of waste you produce. We can also collect waste outside of your operating hours for minimal interruptions.

Cardboard waste collection Islington 

Cardboard recycling is just one element of good recycling practice, but it is important, especially with regard to the amount of waste that comes from product packaging. Cardboard can be easily recycled and repurposed for many businesses, and Divert can provide comprehensive cardboard recycling services to help you meet your recycling needs.

At Divert, we can help you better handle your waste by taking it to a local recycling facility. Here, cardboard products can be recycled and repurposed at least seven times instead of being thrown away. We can also provide you with free access to cardboard bins and containers and will arrange for the waste to be collected as frequently as you require.

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Clinical waste Islington 

With Islington borough being home to 4 hospitals, clinical waste is likely to build up. Estimations show that each of the 1,500 UK hospitals create approximately 2,250 tonnes of PVC waste, with masks, oxygen masks and tubing as the most used medical PVC items. Due to their potentially hazardous nature, these waste products must be disposed of in a specific way. We will responsibly dispose of clinical waste as often as you need us to, providing the appropriate bins and containers.

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