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Blue medical waste bag

Clinical waste collection in York

Clinical waste in York is an unfortunate result of the daily activities of healthcare facilities and various types of businesses. This waste has the potential to be dangerous to the public, since it is contaminated with medicinal products and/or bodily fluids, sometimes from people with illnesses. This emphasises the importance of professional clinical waste disposal in York.

Clinical waste has to be disposed of in very specific ways – there are strict laws around it. These laws are in place to protect the public and all premises that produce clinical waste must fully comply. The easiest way to ensure compliance is to hire a clinical waste disposal specialist to handle it all on your behalf – this is what you get from Divert. We provide comprehensive and flexible clinical waste collection in York for hospitals, care homes, dentists, salons, tattoo parlours and various others.

York is a bustling, stylish town steeped in history with bags of character. This gives it a vibrancy that results in the presence of many businesses and clinics for whom clinical waste disposal is important. We provide all the colour coded bins and bags in a wide range of sizes to meet the needs of these facilities. We can also offer advice on best practices for separating, storing and removing clinical waste. Our service is accurate, safe and cost-effective, handling your clinical waste management in York.

If you would like to know more or to get a free, no-obligation quote for clinical waste disposal in York, get in touch today.

orange lid sharps bin

Clinical waste collection in York No hidden fees

When you choose Divert as your partner, you get the appropriate clinical waste bins in York for free. We will arrange a waste collection schedule with your input that works around your needs. The strategy will include identifying the correct bin type, size and colour to handle the clinical waste you produce in the necessary volumes.

We acknowledge that different businesses operate in different ways so we always strive to work around your needs by offering flexibility. You pay only for the collection and disposal of waste, so you get free bins and free clinical waste bags in York when you choose to work with us. With Divert, your clinical waste needs are made simple, giving you the peace of mind to focus on doing what’s most important to your business.

Contact us today to free up time and money whilst meeting your legal obligations for clinical waste management in York.

Clinical waste bags in York

Clinical waste bags are colour coded to indicate what you put in them. Yellow bags are designated for waste that is contaminated with chemicals, while waste that has bodily fluids on it goes into orange bags.

Many businesses and clinics that have patients or carry out procedures on people/animals will need these clinical waste bags. These include:

  • GPs
  • Dentists
  • Veterinary practices
  • Tattoo parlours

In York, we dispose of these bags using the specific methods stated in the regulations. It is essential that the correct bags are used and that they are removed professionally.

Sharps bins in York

Clinical sharps bins exist for safely disposing of blades, needles and other sharp implements used to carry out procedures on humans or animals. They, too, are colour coded – for example:

  • Yellow lidded boxes: for medicinal contamination of sharps
  • Red lidded boxes: for anatomical waste or animal carcasses
  • Purple lidded boxes: for sharps contaminated with cytotoxic or cytostatic waste

Any facility that delivers medicinal therapies in York is likely to need yellow lidded sharps boxes. Similarly, veterinary practices or facilities doing anatomical procedures will probably need red lidded boxes. Purple lids tend to be required at facilities offering chemotherapy and other such treatments. There are various other lid colours.

Dental waste in York

Lots of waste comes from dental practices and specific storage containers are required for waste disposal. We provide white clinical waste bins in York to assist with the disposal of dental waste such as:

  • Unwanted amalgam
  • Teeth containing filling
  • Capsules with residue inside

You can find hazardous materials like mercury in these products. This must be safely disposed of for the protection of public safety. Our white clinical waste bins are small and user-friendly with the appropriate safety features.

Infectious clinical waste in York

Clinical waste in York can be infectious, whether it is contaminated with medicinal products, bodily fluids or hazardous substances. Safe disposal is essential, and there are different disposal mediums for different waste types, such as:

  • Colour coded clinical waste bins
  • Colour coded clinical waste bags
  • Sharps bins
  • Liquid waste containers
  • Sanitary waste bins

Orange lidded sharps bins in York

Orange lidded sharps bins exist for disposing of needles, blades and other sharps NOT contaminated with medicinal products. So needles used in giving tattoos or taking blood samples are disposed of in these bins.

The bodily fluids that contaminate these sharps are a potential hazard as they could spread infectious diseases. Disposal of this waste must be handled properly, and we can do this for you by providing the appropriate bins and bags and collecting them regularly.