Christmas tree collection York

19th April 2023

By Mark Hall

Christmas tree collection York

Time for York to DIVERT your old Christmas tree’s to recycling and save a trip to the tip

Fixed-price tree collection service will also help York charities

A local rubbish collection and recycling company is offering a cheap and easy way to dispose of your old Christmas tree once the festive season is over, saving thousands of householders a frustrating trip to the tip.

York-based says it will collect your old tree in one of our distinctive purple vans and dispose of it correctly via composting for the fixed price of £24.99.

Not only that, if you book through a participating local charity shop or school, then we’ll donate £2 for each tree.

“We estimate there’s probably at least 25,000 real – not fake – Christmas trees in the York area,” says Divert Director Mark Hall, “that’s a big chunk of money for schools and charities if everybody gets involved.”

What’s the deal? 24.99 and it’s gone!

Santa’s been, you’ve eaten until you can barely move, there are relatives who have vowed never to speak to you again, and your tree has somehow shed needles over every room of the house.

We at can’t help you with the family rows and that doomed New Year resolution to go on a diet, but we can help you with that sorry-looking tree, all at the fixed price of £24.99.

Putting up a real Christmas tree is a real fun family affair. But taking down the tree after is more of a chore. You can either leave it to rot as an unsightly mess in your garden, or somehow get rid of the thing yourself.

And the last thing you want is to queue up for hours at the tip on a grim winter Sunday with pine needles getting everywhere in your car.

That’s why we’ll collect your tree – any size – from anywhere in York.

And we’ll guarantee that the old thing will be taken away and recycled by wood-chipping and turning it into compost.

“Honestly, getting rid of your old Christmas tree is a messy and tiresome job,” says Mark Hall, “We can get the task done and let you get on with your life.”

Simply call us on 01904 295985 to book your slot, or do it online at – a few clicks and job done.

How many trees? How much will they weigh?

There are around 83,000 households in York. Not everybody will be celebrating Christmas, while another proportion will be getting their artificial trees down from the loft for another year.

That leaves – we estimate – around 25,000 households in the York area going out and buying a real tree to decorate their homes. That is, we think you’ll agree, a lot of trees.

Making a generous estimate of the average weight of a cut Christmas tree at around 10kgs, that means there’s a potential 250 tonnes of tree to be collected in our city come January.

“We’re tough enough to take these trees and dispose of them legally and ethically,” says Divert’s Mark Hall. “Just look out for our purple vans doing the rounds.”

For more details, plus an instructional flyer, see

With paid council garden waste collections not restarting until March, can you really wait that long with a dead Christmas tree staring at you accusingly from the bottom of the garden? No. The answer is no.

York Xmas tree waste collection