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The mega mountain of Jubilee waste

Posted by in News on 2nd June 2022

Our empty bottles and cans will stretch around the world As the country goes into full-on celebration mode for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, spare a thought for the people who are going to be clearing up after all those street parties. One British waste and recycling company has been crunching the numbers, and expects the […]

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Celebrate the Jubilee with the launch of patriotic wheelie bins

Posted by in News on 31st May 2022

Here’s why the Jubilee ISN’T rubbish In a difficult year, the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations are one true positive moment at a time when everything else is… well… rubbish. And that’s why one refuse and recycling company is going flat-out to do its part with patriotic bins for the long holiday weekend. British waste collection […]

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Things we really don’t want to say, but: Don’t wee in bins

Posted by in News on 20th May 2022

Lack of public toilets is putting public health at risk In a public service announcement, we never thought we’d have to make, the public is urged not to use litter bins as toilets. But it’s something a waste collection and recycling company is tackling head-on because of the public health risks involved – especially to […]

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Take an Amazon break and save the planet

Posted by in News on 11th May 2022

Just say AMAZ-NO and ween ourselves off our mail order addiction Everybody should take a two-week break from ordering from Amazon and other online retailers to help make the world a better place to live in. A British waste and recycling company says that by weening ourselves off our addiction for mail order shopping, we […]

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Selling your home? Burglars could be casing the joint RIGHT NOW

Posted by in News on 8th May 2022

How online listings are giving criminals intelligence so they can rob your house Moving home is one of the most stressful things anybody can do, and stress levels can go through the roof if you’re burgled while doi And one domestic refuse and house clearance company says that criminals are using simple online tools to […]

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The world’s greenest football clubs

Posted by in News on 28th March 2022

It’s going green, it’s going green, football’s going green! The multi-billion pound football industry is in a unique position to promote good causes and needs to start wearing its green credentials on its sleeve. But according to one group of waste and recycling experts, that’s easier said than done with many major football clubs bottom […]

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Severe weather warning: Keep your wheelie bin under control!

Posted by in News on 31st January 2022

Why a rampaging bin might not be covered by home or business insurance Winter storms inevitably bring storm damage, and one of the major culprits these days are wheelie bins being blown into cars and property. This weekend’s storms have caused many £1000s of pounds worth of damage to cars, garden fences and untold hours […]

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Downing Street Parties: How many empties were there in the bins?

Posted by in News on 21st January 2022

Freedom of Information Request to find out the depth of Number Ten drinking culture As the nation waits with bated breath for the Sue Grey report that will either damn or exonerate Prime Minister Boris Johnson, a request has gone in to find out exactly how much booze was being drunk in Downing Street. A […]

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Black plastic disposal and recycling

Posted by in News on 18th January 2022

It’s common enough to overlook the subtle differences between our plastic but there are actually many different types that come into our lives every single day. For example, you might notice that a lot of frozen meals are packaged in plastic coloured black as opposed to the typical clear or white plastic. This small difference […]

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Plastic coffee pods and capsules disposal and recycling

Posted by in News on 14th January 2022

Coffee pods were originally created by Nespresso engineer Eric Favre, who aimed to create an alternative to the espresso machine that was easier to use with a comparable standard of coffee. Nestle registered the Nespresso trademark and patented the Nespresso machine in 1986. In 1988, a change of marketing tact saw Nestle selling the machines […]

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