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Bulky waste is tricky to get rid of, whether you need to dispose of an old fridge, sofa, wardrobe, or any other large item. You can’t put it in your bins and it’s irresponsible (and illegal) to leave it outside on the street hoping someone will pick it up.

Bulky waste collection is a quick and convenient way to say goodbye to any huge old items. At Divert we can collect all sorts of furniture, white goods, and other big bits of waste – and we divert them away from landfill. Find out more or get a free quote and book bulky waste collection today – call 0333 444 0118 or contact us online.

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What is bulky waste?

Bulky waste covers a wide range of items but generally refers to anything that’s too big, heavy, or awkward to fit in a regular size bin. This includes furniture and appliances to carpets and bathroom fixtures. If it’s too big for you to easily carry and put in your household bin then it’s probably bulky waste.

These are some common types and examples of bulky waste:

old oven bulky waste.

How do you get rid of bulky waste?

There are a few ways you can get rid of bulky waste:

  • Take it to the tip – many tips and household waste recycling centres (HWRCs) accept all sorts of bulky waste. However, you’ll need a big enough vehicle and the strength to load and unload items. Plus, you can’t guarantee what happens to the waste, it may go to landfill.
  • Check your council collection – some councils provide a bulky waste collection service, so it’s worth checking. However, many charge for the service or apply limits to the types and number of items you can have collected. You may also have to wait weeks for collection and be allocated a specific time slot.
  • Use a man and van service – arranging for a man and van to remove your bulky waste ensures your items are picked up at a convenient time with all the labour included. With Divert we also ensure all bulky waste is kept out of landfill.
  • Donate or sell items online – you could try and sell or offer your bulky items online. The chances of success will depend on the type of product, its condition, and your location.
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How much is bulky waste collection?

Bulky waste collection costs vary depending on a few factors. These include the type, size, and number of item(s) that you want collected, where you need them removing from, and when. These things affect the seize of the van used, how many trips it might take, fuel costs, and how many workers are required.

The easiest way to get an accurate estimate of how much bulky waste collection will cost you is to get a free no obligation quote. Provide the information requested and you’ll get a price tailored to your specific needs. Call 0333 444 0118 or contact us online today for your free quote.

Why is sustainable bulky waste collection and disposal important?

It’s always important to find safe ways to dispose of any waste. Sending waste to landfill contributes to the production of methane gas. Methane gas is a key contributor to the destruction of our ozone layer – leading towards global warming. Bulky waste should never go to landfill as most can be reused, recovered, and recycled.

We should find sustainable ways to dispose of white goods as they’re often made of recyclable materials, like plastic. By recycling these products, they can find a new life. Electronic equipment often contains toxic materials – such as heavy metals – which can seriously damage to the environment.

Arranging bulky waste collection with licensed waste carriers and a reliable professional company should ensure such items are kept out of landfill. This helps ensure they’re recycled and reduces the environmental impact of their disposal.

What are white goods made from?

White goods are made from various materials. These common electrical appliances are stripped down and the parts sent for recycling separately in their specific waste stream. These are the materials most white goods contain:

  • Washing machines – washing machines are typically made from plastic or stainless steel, and electric motors – materials that are frequently recycled. As a result, we offer washing machine collection services to ensure all components are properly disposed of.
  • Tumble dryers – in addition to plastic and steel, tumble dryers are made from a variety of metals. They often contain insulated copper wiring and an electric motor.
  • Fridges – a fridge has ‘three layers’ of materials. The first is usually sheet metal, an interior made of polystyrene plastic, and a stainless steel exterior.
  • Freezers – as they function similarly, freezers are made of the same materials as fridges.

Here’s a closer look at the materials that white goods contain:

  • Stainless steel – steel is the most widely recycled product in the world. It’s estimated that around 10 million tonnes of scrap metal (of which steel is prevalent) are recycled each year. Even better, recycling steel as opposed to manufacturing new steel can reduce carbon emissions by 80%.
  • Plastic – plastic is frequently recycled and for a good reason. If plastic isn’t taken to a recycling plant, it could take upwards of 1,000 years to decompose in a landfill site. Despite common misconceptions, polystyrene plastics can now be recycled too.
  • Electric motor – as 100% of the components that are used to create an electric motor are metallic, this too can be recycled or repurposed for later use.
  • Copper writing – copper is a finite resource, and supplies of copper are gradually decreasing over time, meaning that it is now widely recycled. In fact, recycling copper can prove very lucrative.
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What are some alternative ways to get rid of bulky waste?

There are other options for your bulky waste, depending on its type, condition, and your circumstances. Here are some other eco-friendly and helpful ideas of what to do with bulky waste:

  • Donate it to charity – charities are always on the lookout for furniture, electricals, and white goods, especially those that still function properly. You might get rid of a fridge to replace with a better model but a family on a reduced income would benefit hugely from receiving a fridge or freezer from a charity. They’re also often used in shelters or homes.
  • Fix and repair – white goods may be faulty and furniture damaged, but it’s likely that something can be done to rejuvenate them. Try to fix an issue yourself or bring in a specialist to repair any damages as a better alternative to disposing of them. It can even be cost-effective, as it’s often cheaper to fix something than buy something new. If you’ve already purchased a new sofa or fridge, fixing your old one still means you can donate them to charity or sell them to a new home.
  • Help those in need – like donating to charity, it’s always worth asking if anybody wants your old items. This can be done by word of mouth or on social media. For example, there are many Facebook groups that allow you to post items that are available locally. You can offer them for free or for a small price.

Where can I arrange bulky waste collection?

At Divert we provide bulky waste collection services for homes and businesses across Yorkshire. This includes everything from bungalows, townhouses, and flats to hotels, restaurants, and cafes. Find out more about our bulky waste services in the following locations:

How to book bulky waste collection

To book bulky waste collection give us a call on 0800 333 444 0118 or contact us online. Simply provide some information about the type and number of bulky items you need collected, your location, and when you want them removed. We’ll provide a free quote tailored to your specific needs.

If you’re happy with the price then we’ll book in a convenient collection date and time. You can speak to one of our friendly local team for a fast answer to any of your questions. On the day one of our purple vans and two or more of our team will come out and collect your bulky waste items on time.

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