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Sanitary Waste Bins

Sanitary Waste Bins

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Just about every business will dispose of some form of Sanitary Waste in their daily operations. As a result, it is important that you provide both your staff and customers with access to the appropriate waste bins, due to the fact that is waste type is considered offensive.

Our Sanitary Waste Bins can be used to store:

Menstrual Pads
Incontinence pads
Soiled PPE
Catheter bags
Stoma bags
Any products contaminated with faeces, vomit or urine.

Our sanitary waste bins are made from highly durable and leak-proof materials, reducing the chances of the products spilling out or leaking. This again is particularly important as this waste is classified as offensive and could come hand in hand with unpleasant smells. While not inherently infectious or hazardous, if not handled correctly, any waste contaminated by bodily fluids could create a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

Our bins are also available in various sizes, depending upon the volume of sanitary waste your business is producing. For example, nappies or childcare facilities tend to require sizeable sanitary waste bins. We recommend that these bins are emptied around every two days – in accordance with health and safety regulations.

Businesses are often required by law to provide their employees with access to the appropriate sanitary waste bins – as a result, it’s essential that you have them installed within your property sooner rather than later. At Divert, we can arrange for free waste bins to be delivered to your property in a timely and efficient manner. We can then arrange for them to be collected on a schedule that suits you.

Size (H x L x W) :


Collection Frequency:

Daily, weekly, fortnightly or ad hoc collection


18 L - 42 L


We provide an array of different sized Sanitary Waste Bins, we can collect these from any location in the UK.

Suitable for these types of waste

  • Clinical Waste

    Clinical waste is an umbrella term for the kinds of waste typically produced within healthcare or wellbeing facilities. They must be disposed of safely and securely due to the fact that they could be infectious.

  • Sanitary Waste

    Despite its name, sanitary waste actually refers to any waste products that would be classified as unsanitary. They sometimes fall under the umbrella of offensive waste.

Other bins

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Clinical non infectious waste bags

Clinical waste bags suitable for Incontinence pads, sanitary waste, nappies and wipes, disposable garments, PPE (Garments and gloves), emptied colostomy bags, swabs

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Clinical Infectious Waste – Orange Clinical Waste Bag

Clinical infectious waste bags

Clinical waste bags which are suitable for bandages, wipes, dressings, gloves, PPE and aprons

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