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For companies that produce any form of oil waste, from automotive fuel to cooking oil, it is vital that these products are stored safely and securely prior to collection. This is due to the fact that waste oil presents a very real threat to the environment. Thankfully, our oil drums are the perfect solution and are available in a wide range of sizes, depending upon the amount of oil waste your company produces.

As mentioned previously, our oil drums (sometimes referred to as oil barrels or oil containers) can be used to store all manner of oil-based products. This includes:

Waste Cooking Oil
Fuel Oils
Engine Oil

Our Waste Oil Drums are expertly designed in accordance with all government regulations alongside standard health and safety measures. For example, they are made from strong, durable materials that cannot easily be damaged or pierced. This reduces the chances of any form of spillage or leakage occurring, which could have devastating effects on the surrounding land and also human and animal life. When using the Oil Drums provided by Divert, you’ll receive greater peace of mind knowing that your waste is being managed safely and effectively. Finally, our oil drums are lockable for heightened security measures.

Our team of experts can collect waste oil at a time or frequency that suits you. For example, we offer daily, weekly, and monthly collections depending upon the volume of waste you produce.

Managing waste oil or similar products can be difficult – but Divert is always on hand to help. For example, we can provide our clients with access to the appropriate drums and barrels to store their oil waste on-site. Following this, we’ll work closely with our clients to put together a cost-effective waste collection schedule.

Size (H x L x W) :

284 x 410

Collection Frequency:

Daily, weekly, fortnightly or ad hoc collection


20 L - 205 L


We can provide waste oil drums in various sizes from 20L to 205L

Suitable for these types of waste

  • Liquid Waste

    Liquid Waste is produced in a variety of industrial, commercial and residential settings. However, the nature of the waste means that it can sometimes be hard to manage.

  • Oil Waste

    Oil waste refers to any oil products that have been used and therefore need to be disposed of accordingly. These products could be made or refined from crude oil (petroleum) or synthetic oil.

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