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360 l wheelie bin for commercial waste
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360 L Wheelie Bin

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Our 360L Wheelie Bins can be used to store a variety of different waste types but are particularly compatible with general waste. They are similar in style and design to the residential wheelie bins, only bigger. On average, they can be used to store 4-5 bags of waste.

Our 360L Wheelie Bins are perfect for those who produce large volumes of general waste but can also be used to store:

Dry Mixed Recyclables
Food Waste
Packaging Waste

Our 360L Bins are perfect for those who produce large volumes of waste but don’t have the space on-site to host larger four-wheeled models such as the 660L or 1100L bin. Many clients choose to use multiple 360L bins to store their waste, allowing them to store waste on their property for longer without requiring constant collection services. At Divert, we can arrange for your 360L Bins to be emptied at a frequency that suits you – and even have the capacity to offer daily collection services. This is great news for those looking to implement an effective in-house recycling scheme.

As with the rest of our wheelie bins, they are made from strong, weather-resistant materials and are available in a range of colours (Green, Purple, Black, Red, Grey, Silver and Blue) to promote the proper segregation of waste.

Size (H x L x W) :

1090mm x 880mm x 600mm

Collection Frequency:

Daily, weekly, fortnightly


5 - 7 bags


A bit bigger than the one outside your house. Holds 5 - 7 Bags

Suitable for these types of waste

  • Cardboard Waste

    There are two main forms of cardboard used within the UK – both of which are easily recyclable. This includes paperboard, which is relatively thin and used for cereal boxes and egg cartons. Corrugated paperboard is much stronger and thicker

  • Clinical Waste

    Clinical waste is an umbrella term for the kinds of waste typically produced within healthcare or wellbeing facilities. They must be disposed of safely and securely due to the fact that they could be infectious.

  • Confidential Waste

    Every business – large or small – will handle some form of confidential waste in their daily operations

  • Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR)

    Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR) refers to recyclable products that are free from potential contaminants, such as food waste or oils.

  • Food Waste

    Recent studies estimate that 14% of the food we produce within the UK is wasted

  • General Waste

    General waste typically refers to byproducts from both businesses and residential properties that cannot easily be recycled.

  • Plastic Waste

    Plastic waste simply refers to any products that are made from plastic materials. This waste can typically be divided into seven separate categories in relation to the type of plastic they are made from

  • WEEE Waste

    The WEEE regulations aim to reduce the amount of e-waste going to landfill and to increase recycling and reuse.

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360 l wheelie bin for commercial waste

A bit bigger than the one outside your house. Holds 5 - 7 Bags

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